From The Frying Pan to the Fire

Remember Romneycare? You know, the government health care program in Massachusetts that Barack Obama said Obamacare was modeled after. Yeah, that Romneycare.

It was touted as some great accomplishment by Romney who had to defend why he opposed Obamacare when he did the same thing in MA. To his credit, the MA plan was a state initiative and other states are free to try similar approaches. The federal government overstepped its bounds by applying it to all states.

In any event, while Romney was trying to explain his health care plan and how great it was (despite its cost overruns and lack of insurance to many people) Obama was saying it was a great idea and he did nothing more than model his disaster after the disaster in Massachusetts.

Looks like Romneycare is an official failure:

Bay State officials are taking steps this week to junk central parts of their dysfunctional health insurance exchange — the model for President Barack Obama’s health care law — and merge with the federal enrollment site Politico

So the Bay State admits that the exchange that Obama modeled Obamacare after is dysfunctional so to solve the problem MA will use the even more dysfunctional Obamacare exchanges.

While MA is technically only exchanging the exchange system (the meat and potatoes), if you will, the reality is the exchange is part of a larger and more dysfunctional problem. Massachusetts will scrap its bad exchange system for an even worse one.

Romneycare is a disaster. It costs way more than estimated, fails to cover everyone and has resulted in people not receiving health care services.

Obamacare is even worse and on a national level. The exchanges do not work, people are not covered, it costs nearly 2.5 times more than was estimated and it is not generating the enrollment from the demographic needed to support it.

Yes, the liberals in Massachusetts have decided that they should go from bad to worse and call it progress.

This is liberalism and big government in a nutshell.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “From The Frying Pan to the Fire”

  1. oppernicussing says:

    In fairness, Romney was then governor of a strongly liberal held, majority liberal Democrat House and Senate, the majority of career politicians in his administration, the one’s he had to retain and find a use for in his term…all liberals. And not just quiet well-spoken and moderately behaved one’s at that. We are talking rabid food-tossing screamers. The king Ted Kennedy (remember “Dine-’em and Dunk-’em) counted on the re-elect him to endless term in the US Senate. That same Mass of Shoes Shit.
    Romney didn’t design and implement a healthcare bill for the state. He inherited a mandate that one MUST be created. He did the best he could, with the people and resources he had, following the rules and requirements set in place by a completely hostile governing body.
    The media gave him the blame, but we need to keep in mind it was doomed from the get-go. And the get-go was got-going by liberals, not by Romney.

    • Big Dog says:

      Fair enough and as I said, states are free to try these experiments. But, if Obama was going to tout what they had in MA (attributed to Romney) then he has to accept that what he modeled after is a failure.

  2. Blake says:

    ANYTIME liberals try anything, they end up like Obama- who looks in ALL of his scandals much like a cat attempting to cover his feces on a vinyl floor.
    Just cant be done.