From Our Two Americas File

We all know that the elitists in politics expect us to believe they are just like us and that they know what is good for us. In reality, they do not know (or they have forgotten) what it is like to live on a budget, shop for themselves or actually have to make ends meet. They say one thing and do another. Bill Clinton was delayed while getting a couple of hundred dollar haircut and Hillary has a stylist on her staff (she needs the help) and this is like the rest of us how?

John Edwards, the man with the Two Americas theme has shown once again that he lives in that America that he loves to deride publicly. John loves to tell everyone that there is an America for the elite rich, and America filled with extravagance and luxury and then there is an America where the rest of us (and he likes to say us as if he is one of us) live. The fact is John Edwards owns a home big enough to put both of those Americas in and he uses his wealth to his advantage like when he tries to get a game (Play Station?) ahead of those who waited in line. It has been recently reported that John Edwards paid $400 for a haircut and not just one. It appears that this is his custom when it comes to pruning his hair.

I get a haircut every two weeks and I could cut my hair for a year for $400 and still have a bit left. That includes the $3.00 tip I give my barber. Now John’s hair is no different than mine. It is comprised of the same elements and it has human DNA. It does not require some special pair of scissors or a fancy comb but he feels it is necessary to pay $400 to cut it. And John probably thinks that this is a perfectly normal thing to do.

You see, in his two Americas, all the folks that live with him on the poor side spend $400 for haircuts, live in homes large enough to be designated a country and all kinds of other bad stuff while the elite in this nation enjoy a good life. The real problem is that John thinks this is normal. He actually believes that he is one of us and that the rich exploit us without ever realizing that he is one of the rich elitists who exploits.

Another real problem is that a person who can not understand the value of a dollar well enough to know that $400 is way too much for a haircut will not understand the value of YOUR dollars when he is deciding how to spend them.

John Edwards really believes his two Americas theme. Unfortunately, in his America he is likely to run into Alice and the Mad Hatter.

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5 Responses to “From Our Two Americas File”

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  2. Sheila says:

    I LOVE to hear the Big Dog take a bite out of the elite:)) I go to my local Wal-Mart once a month to get a haircut and have my eyebrows waxed. This entire process takes about 20 minutes and costs around $25.00, including tip. I try to go when either the wax job or the haircut are “on special”. This means I spend roughly $300 a year on hair removal. If we’re in a budget pinch, I go to the local beauty school which is even cheaper. When all my children were still at home, I cut my own hair and theirs as well. This is how real people live here in “flyover country”. We manage quite well.
    The government doesn’t owe us a living, and we don’t owe them one, either.

  3. Big Dog says:

    You and I know what the real world is, john Edwards and the rest of the elitists think they know what it is but they actually live on Fantasy Island….

  4. Acebass Moore says:

    Big Dog, John Edwards is a fraud, a hypocrite, a liar and one wealthy SOB who will use the poor to put more money in his greedy pockets.
    Like your style Big Dog and this one on John Edwards should open some of those John Edwards supporters eyes to the truth on a person that would crawl lower than a snake for a dollar.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for the comment Acebass.

    Unfortunately, there are people who support this guy and actually believe that he is interested in their lives.

    His house is so big he could fit the two Americas in it.