From Lincoln Bedroom to Stinkin’ Bedroom

The stories of the Clinton’s selling the Lincoln bedroom are well known and their lust for power and money allowed them to tarnish the White House, or dirty that room. A lot of people bumped uglies in there after paying quite a handsome sum of money. I guess it means that a lot of people paid for sex at the White House. I wonder why charges were never filed for using federal property for political gain…

In any event, there is word today from B. Hussein Obama’s wife, Michelle, about his hygiene. From the category of information I did not need to know, Mrs. Obama tells us her husband snores and stinks. Yep, she informed the world that her husband snores a lot and stinks so badly in the morning that their daughters will not crawl up in the bed with them. I am afraid that this information is best kept inside the confines of the Obama household.

I know that people produce odors and I am aware that this is natural. That is why we have showers and why the fragrance industry makes billions of dollars selling products that smell nice. Just because one is aware of something does not mean it needs to be made public. I don’t want to know how badly a candidate’s body odor is, if he stinks up the bathroom so terribly that HAZMAT routinely visits, or if his morning breath could gag a maggot. I am happy knowing less about the odoriferous aspects of the candidate and more about political positions and personal values. Let’s leave the olfactory assaults to their family Blazing Saddles nights.

I think the last thing this campaign wants to see are bumper stickers that read “Obama Stinks”…

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2 Responses to “From Lincoln Bedroom to Stinkin’ Bedroom”

  1. Patsy says:

    Well, Mrs. Obama is certainly First Lady material, isn’t she? A real classy broad, eh?

  2. Patsy says:

    Usually one has to go to a trailer park to find a woman of such refinement.