From Birthers To Bainers

The Barack Obama for dictator campaign is obsessed with telling a lie over and over in order to paint Mitt Romney as a felon. In fact, the campaign called Romney a felon because the campaign wants people to believe that Mitt Romney did not leave control of Bain Capitol when he says he did.

This lie has been checked by several fact checking organizations and it has been found to be false. This has not mattered to the Obama camp as it continues to put forth completely debunked information as proof positive that Romney lied.

This is coming from the same people who attack birthers because they refuse to stop making claims about Obama’s birth (and natural born citizen status) even though the campaign has released documents to disprove the claim.

Keep in mind that those documents have been shown to be fabrications and not original source documents. Regardless, the campaign says they have released documents and that should be the end of the story.

Hell, the campaign cites the same fact checking sources that have debunked the Romney issue as proof that Obama is natural born and the issue should be dropped.

Why would the campaign continue to spread thoroughly debunked information when it has taken the position it has on Obama’s birth?

It is because the campaign is scared. It has been digging and digging and has not found anything that will harm Romney. Since there is nothing that will damage him the liberals just did what they always do.

They manufactured evidence. They made false claims. They told America a lie, knowing full well it was a lie, and they have doubled down by opposing the findings of fact checking organizations.

This will work with some voters who do not pay attention or lack the intelligence to see the truth. That would be many liberal graduates from the public school system.

The campaign is scared because the messiah, B. Hussein Obama, might not get reelected.

The campaign will have more to worry about if the news reports that Condi Rice is being considered as Romney’s running mate result in her being selected (and accepting) for that job.

Rice is smart, conservative, has lots of foreign policy experience, and has an 80% favorability rating.

If she ends up being the VP nominee Obama and his campaign will have a lot to worry about because she will bring even more energy to an already energized Republican party that is hell bent on getting rid of the Socialist in the White House and replacing him with someone who actually knows how to lead.

So they are afraid, very afraid. They attack Romney with false claims because they have nothing and they know they can’t run on what they have done (they have to run FROM what they have done).

Obama calls for transparency from Romney (even though the publicly available records are being used to perpetuate lies) while Obama continues to keep all his records locked away.

Let us see the college transcripts, all of them and let us see the actual vault copy of the birth certificate.

Obama is spreading the lie that Romney was working for Bain and making the decisions that affected the company while he was simultaneously running the Olympics.

Bain was successful during that time and the Olympic Games were successful.

So, what Obama is saying is that he believes Romney is capable of running a number of things at once and being successful in all of them at the same time.

We know that Romney left Bain and was not running it but that does not negate the fact that Obama thinks he was which, according to Obama, means Mitt Romney is better qualified to lead and bring us to success.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit
Big Dog


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7 Responses to “From Birthers To Bainers”

  1. Adam says:

    So far I agree with Fact Check’s reporting on the issue. The Obama campaign has dug up info that Romney merely held titles but they’ve yet to provide evidence he held an actual role at the company. One of two things will happen now: 1. This will die down and become part of the collective anti-Bain capital buzz around Romney, or 2. Real evidence of Romney’s involvement will surface and keep this thing going. Number 2 is unlikely I think if Fact Check is correct about the hearing about Romney’s eligibility for governor. If Romney had a role managing businesses in Massachusetts while living in Utah he probably would have said so at the time.

    I also agree with the many falsehoods Fact Check has pointed out from the Romney camp so I fail to why you should be that excited to point it out.

    It’s ironic though to see folks like Karl Rove out in the media today complaining about this news. I think he sees his tactics being used by liberals against conservatives and he hates it. Obama seeks to turn Romney’s greatest strength into his biggest weakness and I’d say it’s working so far even when they draw unfair conclusions. That’s the Rove political campaign strategist legacy right there. Enjoy the show, Karl.

  2. Blake says:

    I disagree, Adam- the truth will out, and much like a cat trying to cover it’s own fecal matter on a vinyl floor, the Dems can’t make the truth go away, no matter how hard they try to cover it up.
    The socialists in the admin might be real alcolytes of Josef Goebbels, but in a 24/7 news cycle, a lie cannot be held for very long before someone steps in it.

    • Adam says:

      This kind of truth never outs. It just doesn’t. The very vast majority of voters do not have the skills to comprehend SEC filings and all the language involved in the facts to know right or wrong. It’s just not a world we’re involved in. Folks are going to believe whatever the media tells them and so far the Romney is failing to unspin this mess.

  3. Adam says:

    “If she ends up being the VP nominee Obama and his campaign will have a lot to worry about because she will bring even more energy to an already energized Republican party…”

    I just saw this and thought of your statement:

    The anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List released a statement this morning declaring Condoleezza Rice “unqualified” to serve as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

    Reacting to the eruption of Condi-for-veep speculation, SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser pointed out that Romney has pledged to choose an opponent of abortion as his vice president.

    I generally like Rice. She would make the ticket more qualified but it doesn’t look like it would unify the right in any way. There’s going to be a segment of racist Southern conservatives that would never vote for her. Apparently there’s a segment of values voters that would never vote for her either if SBA is to be believed.

    • Adam says:

      Some have said the Rice rumor was a distraction spread by Romney to try and head off the Bain documents. If it was an attempt it didn’t work. The Rice stuff died down too quickly and the Obama camp kept hammering Romney straight through the week.

      • Big Dog says:

        Why would he have to head off something that is not illegal and that Obama has been shown to be lying about?

        • Adam says:

          Just judging by Romney’s flailing response to the accusations I’d say that this is not something Romney wants to talk about. He’s way off message and he’s getting hammered even by conservatives in the press now.