Friendship Means Something To George Bush

I am in the middle of reading a book entitled “The Leadership Genius of George W Bush.” This is written by Thompson and Ware who have a lot to do with leadership in the business world. They teach leadership principles to executives. They do an in depth analysis of Bush and focus on several things. I have not completed the book but wanted to comment on one thing they mention.

They state that GWB selects people for positions who share his values and beliefs and who can work without the boss looking over their shoulders. He expects his people to make decisions. His philosophy is that no leader can know everything and that is why he has competent employees who can work well if left alone by the boss. The interesting thing is that Bush will be loyal to a friend and subordinate. He gives them all the credit when the idea is great and takes the heat when it is not so good. He is a loyal as an old hound dog. I have often admired that about the President. I think it is the mark of a good leader. I know the left will argue about these things, especially the leadership part. And considering who they have as leaders, I can understand why they do not know what one actually is. In any event, they can not argue that Bush is not loyal to his friends.

Friendship is an interesting thing and I think that it is probably the best relationship. People who are in love often have better relationships if they are also friends. I think Bush and his wife have that kind of relationship and that is why he values the friendship of others. However, there are friends in this world that people confide in with information they do not tell their spouses. Probably important to have those kinds of people if you are the President. There are friends that each of us have for whom we would take a bullet. George Bush has many friends like that, ones who would take a bullet for him. Of course, they are off the hook because he has the Secret Service.

I will give my opinion of the book when I have completed it.

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