Friedman Calls Sharpton and Jackson the N-Word?

Kinky Friedman has written a piece, in defense of his friend Don Imus, for the New York Post. In the piece he discusses how Imus was absolutely wrong for what he said but that the PC outcry and the firing of Imus were equally as wrong. These are a few of the paragraphs near the end:

Take heart, Imus. You’re merely joining a long and legendary laundry list of individuals who were summarily sacrificed in the name of society’s sanctimonious soul: Socrates, Jesus, Galileo, Joan of Arc, Mozart and Mark Twain, who was decried as a racist until the day he died for using the N-word rather prolifically in “Huckleberry Finn.”

Speaking of which, there will always be plenty of Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons around. There will be plenty of cowardly executives, plenty of fair-weather friends, and plenty of Jehovah’s Bystanders, people who believe in God but just don’t want to get involved. In this crowd, it could be argued that we need a Don Imus just to wake us up once in a while. New York Post

Notice what he says at the end of the first paragraph above, that Twain was decried as a racist until the day he died for using the N-word in one of his books. The next paragraph begins with “speaking of which” there will always be Sharptons and Jacksons around. Exactly which “speaking of which” was he referring to? Is he referring to (or speaking of) the word racist or the N-word in the preceding paragraph? Did he say that Twain was decried as a racist and speaking of which… or did he say for using the N-word and speaking of which…?

It is not clear if he was equating Sharpton and Jackson to the word racist or the N-word. Far be it from me to correct the man, I just wish he would have made it a little clearer. I guess depending upon who you ask, they might be both. I know they are racists, I would not call them the other, but everyone is entitled to an opinion, except white people who say something remotely wrong in the PC world. Then we need a genuine lynch mob led by pretend civil rights leaders in their $500 suits.

I guess Kinky Friedman will be the next person taken to the hanging tree.

Big Dog

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8 Responses to “Friedman Calls Sharpton and Jackson the N-Word?”

  1. Patsy says:

    I read Kinky’s column, too, BD. It’s nice to see Don Imus still has a friend willing to defend him. What Don said about the Rutgers’ Womens’ Basketball Champions was in extremely poor taste. After he apologized so many times, he should have been able to serve out his suspension and then go on with his career. That’s not possible with the likes of Jackson & Sharpton and the rest. If you’re white in this country and you misspeak, you’re done, period, the end. BTW, I would venture to say Reverend Jackson’s and Sharpton’s suits are in the $2500+ neighborhood. I doubt seriously either of these eliisits shop at Men’s Warehouse.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have to agree, they probably paid more for their suits than most people made last month.

    Imus made a mistake but did the punishment fit the crime?

    Seems to me that Sharpton and the others will march to prevent a black murderer from being executed because he has changed his life. Unfortunately, when a white guy makes a mistake he has to be slaughtered.

    I hate Jackson and Sharpton and I believe the black community would be much better off without them.

  3. The Imus story is just one side of the coin to view the other side please go to

  4. Patsy says:

    Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton not only don’t help anybody (but themselves) they do great harm to their black bretheren every time they take up their cause. They indeed are disgraces. And you are right about Imus’ punishment, it doesn’t fit the crime. When did free speech, albeit tacky, become a crime anyway? I thought that was in the Bill of Rights, wasn’t it,, like right up there at the top? You are a terrific writer, BD. I read your blog frequently and stand up & salute you almost every time! Keep up the good work!

  5. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for the very kind words.

    We live in a scary world right now. The PC police are all over…

    Speaking of which, turn about is fair play. Keep an eye out for my Rosie must go post…

  6. Jeff says:

    Whats sad is that we’re not seeing more articles like Kinky’s out there from Imus’ so-called friends. Kinky hit it right on the button man, Imus has alot of “fair weather” friends, but not many real friends who aren’t afraid to say what they’re really thinking and to hell with consequences. Kinky hasn’t sold-out to corporate America where all they care about is their image and profits. And to get behind 2 racist buffooons like Sharpton and Jackson just shows how far away this country has gone from what out founding fathers had in mind. It’s disqusting how these corporate stiffs who you know use the “N” word when nobody’s listening and say all the things Imus has been vilified for, but haven’t got the guts to stand up to these racists and say – no your’e not going to tell me how to run my business and who I should fire and hire. It’s a god-damn shame when these 2 assholes who couldn’t wipe Imus’ ass can influence corporate America in such a way as to ruin this man’s name, career, and livelihood. Why does America sit back and let this happen? Are we that scared? We are slowly giving this country away, piece by piece. And if a Democrat gets into office we all better get weapons because America is soon to become a terrorists playground. And it’s all relevant people. They want respect, well when they start respecting themselves maybe I’ll think about it. How come they can make millions saying the big bad “n” word, but if we do it – watch out. We need more people to say whats on their mind and stop bowing to these asshioles, everytime you bow to them, they stick it further in, haven’t you recognized this yet.

  7. Virginia says:

    Thanks again BD, and I do agree we need more people like yourself, Kinky and the people who commented on here. I was raised to tell the truth and call a spade a spade. Sharpton and his butt buddy Jackson are just trash, not much difference in them two and Michael Jackson. Difference is one thing only, the make up, they all three abuse , molest and rape, just in a different way. My opinion is they all three need to be drop by copter in middle of Iraq, naked. Sure would make my day.

  8. m rob says:

    Good job on all counts. Finally someone trying to rally the troops to all this madness going on. When we get fed up with this and go into action, then and only then Al and Jesse, et al., will understand their kind will not stand anymore in the U.S. I really hate to see America so torn up by these race baiting pimps. Again, keep gaining the ground which has been lost.