Friday Open Trackback Post

This is a Friday Open Trackback.

Trackback to any post you have written. You may trackback as many times as you like and, as always, a reciprocal link is required.

Have fun.

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21 Responses to “Friday Open Trackback Post”

  1. Adam's Blog says:

    Carnival of Christmas: Weekend Open Trackbacks

    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The reason why is often list in the midst of the current “War on Christmas.” The Carnival of Christmas recognizes that Christmas is the time of Christ’s birth and to us Americans, it is a reminder of…

  2. Random Yak says:

    Iran says “Oops,” then Did it Again

    Oops. Apologies. Mea Culpa. Sorry. Jumped the shark on that one.In a move worthy of the "shoulda expected that" award, the Iranian Secretary of the Interior, Mostafa PourMohammadi,

  3. Don Surber says:

    Friendly Fire In The War On Christmas

    Click here to hear “Friendly Fire In The War On Christmas”
    The Nova Scotia Power Company gave its customers the gift of energy efficiency this Christmas. Nova Scotia Power invited its customers to turn in their old lights for new energy efficient li…

  4. Perverted Justice Part II

    Dateline NBC followed up on a story on internet predators and how the private group Perverted Justice spends time roping in perverts who stalk the internet for sex with the young.

  5. Don Surber says:

    Podcast: The Littlest Marine

    Brandon Rasnick always wanted to be a Marine, which means he had wanted to be a Marine for six years. That is how old he is.
    On Monday, his wish came true.
    Brandon left his home in Lehigh Acres, Florida, and headed for Camp Lejeune up in North Caroli…

  6. The Knuckleheads of the Day award

    Today’s winners are The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Tampa Tribune, Bradenton Herald and WFLA-TV News Channel 8.

  7. My First BlogAd

    As my regular readers know, last month I reported on my economic analysis of BlogAds. Doing so got me thinking that perhaps I could increase the visibility of my blog by purchasing ads on high-traffic blogs with like-minded readers. This…

  8. Heartening, Yet Disheartening

    Some 57 percent of those surveyed said the U.S. military should stay until Iraq is stabilized, while 36 percent favor an immediate troop withdrawal. A year ago, 71 percent of respondents favored keeping troops in Iraq until it was stabilized.

  9. Saudi girls’ school is like a prison for them

    In the House of Saud, there’s a most glaring example present of how women/girls in schools are treated as prisoners, as this news excerpt featured on IMRA that was translated from Arab News shows

  10. Two good friends of Israel, RIP

    Edward Masry and Kaare Kristiansen (both via Debbie Schlussel), who were both good friends of Israel, have passed away this week.

  11. Another questionable politician abandons Likud for

    Today, defense minister Shaul Mofaz announced his departure from the Likud for Ariel Sharon’s Kadima party

  12. Sleepy Weekend Open Trackback

    While we’re sleeping all the weekend, make a link to this post, then trackback this URL and – sooner or later – a link to your post will be added at the end of this one. If you can’t make a trackback, use Simpletrack di Adam Kalsey or Wizbang Standal…

  13. Sunday Open Post Extravaganza

    Yeah, I know it’s Saturday, sue me… I’ve got some work to catch up on so I’m posting my Sunday Open Post a day early.

  14. Don Surber says:

    Latest Lefty Lunacy

    Libs are quoting Ben Franklin this weekend. That can only mean one thing, their George Bush Is The Real Terrorist Alert is up to fuchsia.
    Oh no. They might have to wake up Babs Streisand to issue a scathing statement.
    So what “essential liberty” ar…

  15. Sand and Deliver

    As many of my regular readers know, I am teaching this year in the United Arab Emirates, at the American University of Sharjah, just outside of Dubai. One topic which gets frequently discussed around the water cooler is the…

  16. The econmic impact of illegal immigration

    Jay at Wizbang makes an interesting argument comparing the arguments made today by those saying our economy needs illegal aliens to the slavery debate before the US Civil War 150 years ago. Back then it was argued a cheap labor supply was needed also…

  17. Florence, KY

    It doesn’t seem like I have made a lot of progress since my last post. I’m only a couple of miles away from Walton, where I last posted but I have been running. I managed to make it home for a day then headed up to Illinois. I then cont…

  18. Christmas Parody Songs

    Get ’em while they’re hot, folks!

  19. Who Voted Mexico into Congress?

    The Mexican government slammed the U.S. Congress for approving an immigration bill that would tighten border controls and make it harder for undocumented immigrants to get jobs.

  20. A Calculator For Properly Pricing Your BlogAds And Sponsorships

    The act of properly pricing your BlogAds and sponsorships on your website could mean the difference between getting consistent revenue and locking up real estate on your website at an under priced value. If you sell a spot for too…

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