French Kiss…Of Death

The French surrendered again as they voted a Socialist into the presidency. The French people ousted Mr. Sarkozy and replaced him with Francois Hollande, the first Socialist to rule the country in 17 years.

Nearly two decades ago François Mitterrand, a Socialist, ruled France and destroyed the economy with high taxes and increased spending (like American Democrats). Then, after the defecation hit the bladed cooling device, the people of France blamed capitalism for its woes.

Yes, those crafty French allowed a Socialist to tax and spend them into oblivion and then, after the damage was done, blamed capitalism.

Hmm, this sounds very familiar. I seem to remember hearing this somewhere else. Oh yeah, I got it. The American left has done the same thing. After decades of Democrat control and then control of moderate Republicans who went along with tax and spend policies the left now blames the inevitable disintegration on, get this, capitalism.

If we had true capitalism with little or no government involvement, then our country would be in great economic shape.

But in true liberal/progressive/Socialist fashion the left causes a huge problem and then blames it on someone or something else (Obama blames Bush for everything).

So the new French president, Hollande, hates capitalism, rich people, and freedom. He wants to tax the rich at 75% (imagine three quarters of what you earn going to government) so he can create more government jobs. Yep, again it sounds like the Obama plan.

And people say Obama is not a Socialist.

Obama has invited Hollande to visit the White House no doubt to discuss Socialist strategies.

The rich in France, meanwhile, are looking for places to hide themselves and their money to keep it out of the hands of Hollande. Imagine that, the rich are trying to keep their property from being confiscated by the government. Seems this is something else I have seen in America as wealthy Americans leave high tax states for low or no tax states. Only in France the rich are looking to leave the country, a plan that will likely hit America’s wealthy (whose businesses have already left our shores) should Obama succeed in taxing the hell out of them.

The French people voted for a crafty man who promised everything and he won. It is eerily similar to the American election in 2008 except Hollande proudly announced he is a Socialist while Obama denies being Socialist though his deeds tell another story.

Hollande will drive the French and what is left of their economy, which was already damaged by a Socialist, into the ground and will keep digging. France will be another Greece before long and America is not too terribly far behind.

You get the government you deserve and France deserves everything it is about to get. They think there will be no more (or at least diminished) austerity but eventually that will be the only card left in the deck.

France will soon be walking around with hat in hand begging other nations to bail it out and to pay for its stupidity. Like Greece (and American welfare recipients/liberals/occupy morons) France will expect to be taken care of.

Yes, the election of Hollande is a French kiss.

Of death…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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