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The FBI is an organization that is supposed to investigate crime, gather information, and protect the citizens of this country. Unfortunately, they have changed from an information gathering organization to an information dispensing one. In fewer than four years the FBI has lost 160 laptop computers at least ten of which contained classified information. This information comes from an organization that has had trouble keeping track of its property for many years. It appears that instead of gathering information on the criminals, the FBI is allowing people to gather our information. Who knows where that information has landed and how it will be used. It would be criminal if the next terrorist attack occurred because of information contained on one of those laptops.

If it is not bad enough that they lost the laptops and all that information, the FBI reports that it has lost 160 weapons during that same time period. Since those numbers are exactly the same, it would be interesting to see if the same people lost both items. In any event, there are 160 weapons unaccounted for and that means they could be used to harm others as has happened in the past. This is inexcusable and the agents who lost this equipment need to be held accountable. They need to be put on probation or lose their jobs for this carelessness.

The FBI is required to keep track of around 52,000 weapons and 26,000 laptops. Do these agents not have to sign for their equipment and do not their supervisors have to accomplish a regular inventory? These are not large sums and they should be able to be controlled. In the military if a soldier loses a weapon (aside from losing it in combat) the whole unit is out searching for it until it is found. I can remember more than one occasion walking around for hours looking for the weapon of a lunkhead who failed to secure it. I also know that when a soldier loses a weapon there is a price to pay. It usually involves loss of rank, loss of pay, and reimbursement for the weapon if it is not found.

This report does not indicate if any of the people responsible were punished for their carelessness. If this is not the case they need to receive punishment. There also needs to be a public documentation of that punishment so the taxpayers will know that there are repercussions for careless acts by public servants.

I am not too happy with this report. Th Inspector General can laud the FBI for decreasing the number of losses but that does not wash with me. If these agents are not able to secure their weapons and their laptops, how in the world will they secure this country. If they can’t protect their equipment I have little faith they can protect America.

Washington Post

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