Freedom of Speech: Only for the Democrats

The Sinclair Broadcast Group is planning to broadcast “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal,” on many of its 62 stations. Blogs for Bush describes the documentary as follows:

[T]he documentary features Vietnam veterans who say their Vietnamese captors used Mr. Kerry’s 1971 Senate testimony, in which he recounted stories of American atrocities, prolonging their torture and betraying and demoralizing them. Similar claims were made by prisoners of war in a commercial that ran during the summer from an anti-Kerry veterans group, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

All of the sudden, the right to free speech is not a right, at least according to the democrats.
The D-N-C, headed by Terry McAuliffe, is opposes the broadcaster’s plan to air a documentary critical of John Kerry’s post-Vietnam actions on dozens of its stations. All of the sudden the hero who stood on principle does not want his actions exposed to the public. Kerry’s face was all over the TV in the early 70’s and he welcomed the air time so he could insult the veterans fighting in Vietnam and subject American citizens to his rantings about alleged war crimes. We have been told time and again that Kerry showed courage when he came back and protested. We got to see a man of character. If that is true then now we are seeing a coward who is afraid to face his past actions. Now we can see his real character.
His actions caused a lot of harm to come to POW’s held in Vietnam. In this documentary, they tell about how Kerry’s antiwar activities were used to coerce and intimidate them.

John Kerry decided to run for president based on his war record. Now he is running from his record after the war. As George Bush said, “He can run, but he can’t hide.” What is the party of freedom doing? They filed a complaint with the FEC claiming this is an illegal in kind campaign contribution. Funny, I never heard any of them complain when it was announced that the blowhard Michael Moore’s crocumentary Fahrenheit 9/11 was going to be shown on PPV the night before the election. I have not heard them tell Moore to stop his speeches at college campuses across the country where his whole theme is to get out and vote against George Bush. This is definitely an in kind contribution. I also have not heard them complain about the Vote for Change concert being broadcast on public radio. As I understand it, public radio is funded with taxpayer money.

So I guess it is true. Freedom of speech for all, unless you are a republican.

As an aside. Has anyone seen Ted Kennedy lately? He was all over the place campaigning for Kerry earlier. Now he has been strangely missing. Hell, he’s probably just sleeping it off.

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