Free Speech Goes One Way-Left

Yesterday I posted that Sean Penn needed to be added to the list of idiots for the remarks he made last year and for his recent rantings where he told many people to kiss his ass. Nice words. I got this in the comment section.

For a right-winger, you sure don’t mind trampling over someone’s 1st Amendment rights. There’s plenty of Republicans caught with their hand in a cookie jar that wasn’t their own. Bet, if given the chance, you’d be all over Robin Wright Penn like white on rice.
And Michael Moore’s been married for over 13 years.

Now can anyone tell me where I stepped on this moron’s rights? I did not say Penn was not allowed to speak his mind. I said that the words he uttered were stupid. In addition, I questioned a Penn’s and a few other moron’s ability to run the country when they can’t run their lives, seeing how all of them have been divorced at least once.

As for republicans being caught in the cookie jar, I don’t think they are necessarily capable of running the country either. Strange thing is, I don’t hear all of them running around spewing stupidity out of their mouths. Perhaps they know their limits. And let me clear another thing up. I did not know Penn had a wife until this post. I looked her up on the internet to see what this commenter was talking about. The lady is cute and I am happy for Penn. I don’t want anything to so with her, thank you very much. So Sami, no I would not be all over her given the chance. (and what makes you think I haven’t had the chance anyway?LOL)

What has Michael Moore been married to for 13 years, a buffet table?

I guess what this comment amounted to is that I am not allowed to express my opinion but Penn and this commenter are. It only goes one way with the left.

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2 Responses to “Free Speech Goes One Way-Left”

  1. John Nada says:

    Hi BD, the blockquotes look weird on my machine, like they overlap the right hand sidebar. Does it look that way to you?
    Looks great otherwise though.
    Is the whole archive in?

  2. John Nada says:

    Voila… Perfecto now.