Free Jack Does Not Include Free Exchange, To Some

I have participated in several blogbursts, one of which is the Free jack Idema blogburst sponsored by Cao. I do not need to rehash the story about Jack. As everyone knows by now, he is an American being held against his will in Afghanistan. There have been accusations that he is a criminal, he files a lot of frivolous lawsuits, and that he is a first class ass. I have often stated that I do not care about all that because the real issue is that he is a fellow American who needs to be brought home. I agree that the sites that post negatively about Jack are free to do so. In all reality, no one knows the absolute truth and those folks who slam Jack are free to do so.

Unfortunately, they have chosen to resort to very nasty methods in an attempt to intimidate people. They have posted personal information about people with whom they disagree. Now, they will argue that most of it is public domain and that might be true but when you publish people’s Social Security Numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and driver’s license numbers, you are opening people up to the possibility of identity theft. No matter how strongly one feels about an argument, it is not right to do that to people. The unfortunate thing is, instead of a free exchange of ideas we end up with people directing personal attacks against others based solely upon their dislike for a person’s message.

I refuse to participate in the childish games or to stoop to that level. I am not interested in what people’s personal lives involve, I am merely interested in freeing Jack Idema and the men who are being held with him. The rest is just background noise.

Rottweiler Puppy
Go to Cao’s blog or Rottweiler Puppy’s to learn more about Jack, who you can contact, and how you can join the blogburst. But beware, people who do not like what you have to say might do nasty things to you.

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