Free At The Expense Of Others

The young liberals in this nation (and many other liberals for that matter) are thrilled right now to support Bernie Sanders, a Socialist who is three quarters of a century old. They like what he says because he promises them everything for free. Liberals love free stuff. The voters love to get free stuff and politicians love to give free stuff away.

Bernie wants college and health care (among other things) to be FREE!!!!!

In this context we mean free as in at no cost. This does not include free when used to mean unrestrained or unencumbered.

The government always uses the word free. Get a cellphone for free. This poster available from OSHA for free. Get free vaccines. Get free housing, free food, free, free, free….

One problem with all this is that nothing is free. There is a cost associated with everything, the issue at hand is, who pays?

For the schemes Sanders and Clinton, and to be inclusive, O’Malley (polling at 3%), espouse the person receiving the product or service would not pay for it. It would be paid for by the taxpayer. So in reality it is not free, it is at no cost to the person.

Remember now, Obamacare was supposed to bend the cost curve and make heath care affordable. There was never a claim of free, just affordable. The reality is people are paying more now than they did before and a lot of folks are doing without because the tax/penalty is cheaper.

Bernie will fix that by making health care free. He wants single payer put in place because he is a Socialist. He wants a Medicare system in place extended to all. Medicare is the least efficient and most expensive health care system there is (a lot of cost that the free market carriers incur are not counted by government as it relates to Medicare because the costs are absorbed by government – read taxpayer).

In any event I think there should be a prohibition on the use of the word free unless it is being used to mean something other than no cost as in the hostages are free, the chicken is free range, etc. I propose that anytime a politician or government entity wants to use the word free (as in “at no cost”) they instead be required to use the term “at taxpayer expense”.

This way Bernie would have to say college will be available to you at taxpayer expense. Health care will be available at taxpayer expense. The poster would not read this is available from OSHA for free it would read this poster is available from OSHA at taxpayer expense.

We need to start calling it what it really is so the reality sets in particularly among the young generation. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of older liberals hear free and think no one has to pay for it but many of them are too far gone and only know the mantra that taxes ON THE RICH need to be raised.

The young liberals find a stark reality when they are forced to pay taxes. The young folks get out of taxpayer provided school and get jobs where they pay taxes. That is when they learn that it was not really free after all.

By that time it is too late and a system is in place that will hasten the economic collapse of this once great nation (the debt clock is at 19 TRILLION).

There is no such thing as a free lunch. If Bernie Sanders (or nearly any other politician) puts his arm around you and tells you there is protect your wallet because that is where his other hand is located….

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Free At The Expense Of Others”

  1. Blake says:

    Free- I like the sound of that word, if only it was used in the correct context, rather than a deceptive tactic by politicians to fool the low info voting public.
    Issue is another of those words used by the progressives (and unfortunately also picked up by those of us who want to soft-peddle some problem, for that is what an “issue” means in the context that these morons use it- rather than say what it truly means- a problem that needs to be solved.)
    Let’s get back to plainly speaking what we mean.

  2. Donna says:

    Awesome, i am going to start correcting my Optometrist boss when he starts haroing on how he wants free national healthcare…