Free And Democratic, In Iran?

Anyone who pays attention to the events of the World knows that the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has stated that the Holocaust did not happen. His moronic people tell us that Jews were burned for sanitary reasons after they died of contagious diseases and that gas chambers were used to disinfect clothing (Source, Washington Times). Strange they would find that OK after all the stink made about American soldiers burning two Taliban terrorists for sanitation reasons. In any event, the Iranian President wants to host a conference to discuss the “real” history of WW II and to debate with people from both sides, those who believe history and those who believe the Holocaust never happened, so they can iron this matter out. Interestingly, here is a quote from Iran:

“We want to offer a free and democratic platform to the historians to examine in-depth this myth, seeing that in different European countries there exist laws against democracy and freedom that to do not allow intellectuals who believe in a version distinct from that which is officially pronounced on the Holocaust,” added Afzali.

This is interesting because Iran does not believe in free and democratic platforms and anyone who goes there and says the Holocaust did in fact happen might end up in jail. Iran jails people who say things contrary to official government position. They routinely shut down radio stations and newspapers for reporting items contrary to government position.

This should be interesting to watch. Iran will attempt to tell people that something did not happen despite all the evidence to the contrary. The millions of photos, the gas chambers, the witness accounts, all ignored to present a more appealing point of view. There is no indication whether Former President Bill Clinton or his wife Hillary will be in attendance to assist in rewriting history.


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