Fraudulent Ballots, Yes; Fraudulent Candidate, Who Knows?

Obama supporters volunteering in Ohio have negotiated to have their absentee ballots withdrawn because they are NOT eligible to vote in Ohio. These people, 13 in all, requested their ballots be removed after a waring from a prosecutor that staffers for both campaigns faced prosecution if they did not meet residency requirements. The blanket statement must have scared them.

The letter – a copy of which was obtained by, a Fox News affiliate – came a day after prosecutor Ron O’Brien publicly urged out-of-state campaign workers for both Obama and John McCain to “examine your conscience” before the elections board beings begins opening absentee ballots today.

Earlier in the week, O’Brien spoke with lawyers for both camps and urged them to make sure their staffs met permanent-residency rules, or face possible felony charges. NYP

These ballots would likely have been counted had not the prosecutor said something. Now, have these Obama supporters missed the deadline to cast an absentee ballot in their own states? If they have already cast ballots in their home states why are they not in jail for fraud? If they have withdrawn the Ohio ballots and have not otherwise voted they should still be able to vote in person where they live which is what I believe they intended to do all along.

The deception begins at the top with the Obamessiah. He has yet to prove he is a US Citizen. I know, there is a Certificate of Live Birth that has been verified by Fact Check. That document is computer generated from information that was put in a computer database well after Obama was born. The abbreviated COLB is not the handwritten (or typed) birth certificate that is generated at the place of birth. Only the ORIGINAL document will satisfy the requests for proof. This document only reflects what is in a database, not what is on a birth certificate. The document provided earlier was shown to be questionable. There are things on the COLB that would not have appeared on a birth certificate from 1961. Where is that original document?

I am not saying Obama is or is not a citizen, I am saying it has yet to be confirmed. He could have proven it by providing the vault copy of his birth certificate and it would have been settled. Instead, he spent quite a bit of money fighting the lawsuit, which was dismissed when the judge ruled that the admittedly strange Phil Berg had no standing and that his claims were vague. I don’t see how an American Citizen can have no standing in a court to determine if a person running is an American. The claim that Berg has not shown the requisite harm to have standing is ridiculous. All Americans are harmed when the Consitution is violated. I also fail to see how the issues raised were vague and why the court, in a matter this important, would not force a resolution that would satisfy the need to know rather than fuel conspiracy theories.

Why is Obama afraid to show his vault copy? Why are his college records under wraps? These issues raise questions that should be answered. Is there information on his BC or in his school records that would disqualify him or that would embarrass him (like showing he lied about certain aspects of his life)? By failing to release this information he gives fuel to those who will always look skeptically at him. He has fueled the fire by failing to respond and his refusal to release documents runs counter to his claim of bringing transparency to government. It also makes him no better than what he claims George Bush to be.

Like I said before, we know more about Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber than we know about Barack Obama. The media made an issue out of McCain’s qualifications and he proved he was eligible. The media and the liberals on the web paid more attention to this than they are Obama’s citizenship status. The big question is, if there is nothing to hide, why hide it?

Let me add to the conspiracy theory. Obama knows he is not qualified and is working hard to block all issues so that if he is elected he can serve as president. He needs the process to last past election day so that if he is determined to be ineligible at some later date, Joe Biden can automatically become president (even if he is still the VP elect at the time). If Obama were found to be ineligible now, McCain would probably win handily and Democrats never put country first so they will stonewall on any issue that might hurt their chances to hold office.

This is certainly plausible and makes more sense than the stories by wackos who think that George Bush was behind the attacks of 9/11.

Ever wonder how it is that people like George Clooney and Rosie O’Donnell can believe that 9/11 was an inside job and yet support Obama because they, in no way, would believe in a conspiracy theory about his place of birth?

For that matter, how many libs believe all kinds of conspiracies about Bush (blowing up levees in New Orleans, 9/11, blood for oil, etc) but ignore the very real possibility that Obama is not a citizen? I am not saying one way or the other but I want proof and I want the proof that comes in the form of an original, not a computer generated certificate.

This is what an original from the early 1960s looks like.

I know there are liberals who call this nuts or conspiratorial and they are entitled to that opinion. I just like to see the proof.

However, since the court will not do its job and ensure the man has been fully vetted then it is up to voters to ensure they keep this secretive man out of office.

Keeping his supporters from voting fraudulently is a good start.

Democrats and ACORN (whom Obama paid 800,000 dollars to commit fraud) say no fraud is committed until the ballots are cast (so his supporters in Ohio committed fraud). Liberals say voter fraud is very minor, almost non existent. They say that when they win (or think they will) but if they lose on 4 November they will be screaming voter fraud from the top of their lungs. I would like to see McCain win for nothing more than to see liberals screaming about voter fraud like they did in 2000 and 2004.

A Free Voice

Big Dog

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21 Responses to “Fraudulent Ballots, Yes; Fraudulent Candidate, Who Knows?”

  1. Joe Blow says:

    Guilt by association:

    Republicans have opened the door to guilt by association which I think should be addressed.

    Until most republicans decide to transparently repudiate racism and indifference as a form of
    social security they cannot label others for their associations and be taken seriously.

    Until Republicans recognize and convey that they are not a social golden parachute for modern type
    x-overseers they cannot label others.

    This years’ Republican strategy is a perfect model that was served to vindicate most minorities today
    that are systematically affected when a white man or woman decides to sabotage them as a means of initiation
    into unspoken code.

    This year’s Republican strategy can be a great model for an argument that was raised a few years ago about
    reverse discrimination in school admissions and its motives. Although, I do not believe in exposing
    my self to intellectual insults unless I can earn the grade, but one could not escape the underlying
    motives of such a group after a century of depriving minorities of a quality education.

    This years’ Republican strategy is a strong wake up call of how America is still very much
    Vulnerable to scare tactics that can serve any villain and warp agenda just because they know
    that they can wake up the racist and white power cells.

    Worst of all in this years’ Republican strategy is the shame in the subliminal invocation of the unspoken
    Code out the lack of substance; which had only served to convey to the rest of the world that we have a
    young generation of Republicans that have been schooled in the art racism as a social sabotage, scare tactics
    means of dividing others for their warped agendas and chauvinistic views: by throwing an unprepared
    skirt in our faces like a cheap pimp working a peep show for perverts.

    No wonder most Republicans continually label a well prepared democrat as not one of us, because
    I do not know too many well versed and well intentioned Americans that will subscribe to this kind of filth and
    condescending mentality as a sound fundamental for a healthy society.

  2. Bill says:

    Joe Blow…

    Blah, Blah, Blah…same old crap just all fancied up with alot of useless words…if we don’t vote for Obama, we are racists. Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard it before.

    Heres the scenario that keeps me awake at night. Obama gets elected (scary in of itself) and then something happens to Obama and Biden is named president. He is unable to serve due to brain damage from one of his aneurysms and NANCY PELOSI is named president!


  3. Patsy says:

    Let me tell you something Joe Blow, you damn leftists are all alike, you’re all about race. Conservatives are totally different, we make decisions about people based on how they conduct their lives. Do they work for a living, are they kind to their families, do they support them, do they handle problems with maturity, are they intelligent,
    do they take care of their homes, are they well groomed or at least
    clean. Are they honest, do they help those who are in need, what kind
    of character, ethics, morals and principles do they live by? Race
    is NOT a determining factor, it’s the individual who is sized up. We
    don’t run in packs, we don’t identify ourselves as a group, we identify ourselves as Americans or Canadians or British, etc. We look folks straight in the eyes and speak with respect for all. We don’t try to trick anyone, we don’t need to, because we believe our understanding of life is the truth. There’s no need to lie or deceive when one believes in the righteousness of our philosophy. Liberals don’t understand us because they are wrong about so many things. They just don’t get it.

  4. Adam says:

    It could be A, Obama is not a citizen. This man of superior arrogance and audacity would dare to run for president knowing full well he was not constitutionally qualified. The evidence to prove it has been hidden from the Clinton campaign, from the DNC, from the McCain campaign, from every single anti-Obama group in existence, from every person with extraordinary political power or influence who wishes to defeat Obama. Combine that with a massive conspiracy inside the media to not report any of this and you got a constitutional crisis. It is only you fine folks who see the truth, thank God.

    Or maybe it’s B, Obama is a citizen fully qualified to hold the highest office in the land and thus understands he doesn’t have to be in the business of asking “How far?” every time some half wit nut job fanatic says “Jump.”

  5. Big Dog says:

    It is EXACTLY that attitude, the one where no one has to actually prove he is qualified, that led to the housing bubble burst and the financial meltdown.

    How difficult is it to show the original and not the computer generated 2007 edition? I read that Hawaii does not even accept that version (the short form) to prove eligibility for some land grants.


  6. Big Dog says:

    I also noticed no one addressed the bogus ballots. Oh, fraud does not happen unless Republicans are the ones caught.

  7. Patsy says:

    I am so terrified at the thought that Obama could win this election through fraud that I don’t know how to express it. They tried this in 2000 with Al Gore and it took the Supreme Court to stop them. What if they succeed this time, without a court challenge? I can’t imagine, BD. If Obama gets in because of fraud, the man won’t survive. The anger will be so palpable it will be dangerous.

  8. hdrk05 says:

    Just what is reverse discrimination.

  9. Adam says:

    To say Obama paid $800,000 for fraud is a flat out lie and you know it. But when you’re desperate you’re desperate, right? You’ll say anything down the stretch.

    I’d love to know just what exactly is going to help Obama to win the election through fraud. Is he going to swing it 13 folks at a time? Don’t make me laugh. Oh lordy 13 fraudulent votes in Ohio. Say it ain’t so!

    Meanwhile millions of votes will be lost or go uncounted conveniently in poor and minority districts across the US and you won’t make a peep. After all, who really has the right to vote anyway, right? If it’s anybody it’s not the poor. That’s what they get for being so damn lazy and not working hard in life…

  10. Schatzee says:

    Patsy – I love what you said earlier about how we determine a person’s character by their deeds and actions not the color of their skin. Very eloquent. I have to wonder the same thing – if there is no problem with citizenship or whatever, why not just “show me the money”? I understand there is a taped conversation (which I have not heard so this is at this point hearsay) of BO’s grandmother stating that she was present at his birth in Kenya. If that is true, and it could be at this point because we don’t know since he won’t show us, then we all have standing in a court of law as this is a fraud perpetuated on all voters and citizens, AMEN.

    LOL Anyway, I know this conspiracy thing is hard for some to swallow but stranger things have happened. I don’t think it should be something a presidential nominee should be able to deny, school records, medical records, birth certificate, whatever is needed. You have to show a real birth certificate to sign up for little league in some places yet you can run for president on the “yeah, I was born here” crap? And if anyone is interested, even if he was born here I don’t know if that makes him naturalized because under the law in ’61 you had to have been here for at least 5 years and older than 14 to have your child considered a citizen (BO’s mother was only 18 and 14+5 is 19 so I wonder if that is even good enough – but that’s just me and my new math, I guess).

    People like Adam and Joe Blow frighten me almost as much as BO himself (no offense intended to anyone). I don’t see how anyone can just blindly accept anything and I don’t get the whole “keeping the man down” thing anymore either. How can people keep using these as excuses? How can anyone think our country is better being blind rather than living with the truth (no matter what it is)?

    I don’t care what color he is or whether or not he’s a citizen, I don’t see how anyone can say his work as a community organizer and minimal time in Senate (doing nothing) qualifies him to hold the keys to the entire country. I am not afraid of him but his policies and what his presidency could mean to my freedoms, my rights, and my Constitution.

  11. ADB says:

    Seems to me showing a paper copy of a valid, vault birth certificate (and making it public) should be #1 on the checklist for “How to Become President”. Maybe I’m crazy.

  12. David Kirk says:

    Adam, I am not a big one for conspiracy theories either. But if there are issues raised about such a serious matter and the remedy for Obama is so easy, why doesn’t he excercise that remedy and move on? Democrats do need to stop crying racisim every time questions come up. The scrutiny we put our Presidents under is trmendous. I’m not really sure why anyone wants the job. If Obama is elected, will we be able to excercise our constitutional right to speak out and question his policies or decisions without being labeled racists? I think what is fueling this idea about Republicans being racists is we are the only ones asking questions. The press is nearly giving him a free pass. If elected, it won’t stay that way. I can’t wait for the first time the New York Times has something negative to say about one of his decisions, if elected. Let’s make plans to meet here with Big Dog and discuss that issue when it occurs and see if we can ferret out whether it is driven by racism. Patsy is right. It is not some secret club with secret codes. If there are, I didn’t get the memo. There are about 75-100 million Republicans out there (I’m just guessing and I guess about the same number of Democrats). Makes it kind of hard for all of us to get together at one time. Patsy did put it eloquently. We are also against defecit spending, increasing taxes for anyone, weakening national defense, not supporting our troops by cutting defense spending by 125 billion dollars. We tend to be for traditional marriage, against abortion, and supporters of a more strict interpretation of the Constitution and it’s amendments, including the second. Can any of that be spun into racism? I think not.

  13. Adam says:


    If you are in fact called racist every time you speak up you’ll get over it. Liberals got over being called traitors for questioning Bush, you’ll get over it too. And who knows? Maybe someday folks will be able to have a legitimate political discussion about how to fix America’s problems without it being dumbed down by the media and by bloggers and by politicians into simple shapes and colors or a weak duality.

  14. Patsy says:

    Adam, liberals didn’t just “question” President Bush, they attacked him like cannibals. They also attacked the military, falsely accused them of murder and massacres. They also said Iraq was a quagmire, that the surge was a failure, that the Iraqis weren’t doing the political reconciliation, and the Iraqis weren’t fighting. These were all outrageous lies and vicious attacks. In contrast, we are just asking that Barack Obama show us his original birth certificate in order to prove his eligibility for the Presidency. It is a reasonable request and he has an obligation to answer it by showing us his real birth certificate.

    John McCain already had to do so and produced the documents. He didn’t whine to the judge to get the case tossed out on some technicality, he produced his original paperwork and the judge dismissed the cases. There were 2, one in New Hampshire, the other in California.

    Obama gave us a computer generated form, computers didn’t exist in 1961. Show us the real one and we’ll let this go. What’s the big deal? What is he hiding?

  15. Big Dog says:

    No Adam, the flat out lie was Obama reporting the 800k to ACORN as for lighting and stage set up. It was a deliberate attempt to deceive which is a lie. He paid them and they committed fraud therefore …

    These 13 are the ones we caught. How many more will there be?

    As for the poor and minority being uncounted. This is always alleged but never shown to be a big problem. People are not allowed to vote because they don’t register or have records. Some claim that because a police car was there they felt threatened. How does the presence of that car threaten anyone abiding by the law and maybe the cop was voting, his right as well.

    People try to scam the system, vote all over, vote absentee and in person. The poot and minority can vote and organizations go out of their way to help them.

    But Adam, you have to be willing to do a little bit for yourself. You have to make sure you are registered, that you vote in the right place, and that you go out and vote.

    I know that it is hard for you to grasp but it involves personal responsibility.

    I have seen very few instances where it was proven that the poor and minorities were kept from voting however MILLIONS of ILLEGALS will vote in this election. That my friend is fraud.

  16. Big Dog says:

    When you scream racial epithets while backing up.

  17. Big Dog says:

    Make sure you buy what will be labeled an assault weapon before The One gets in and buy lots and lots of ammo, just in case.

  18. Adam says:

    So Obama paid ACORN for services. ACORN’s employees took part in fraud? So therefor Obama paid for fraud? As the judge said in Philly, you have “ventured into the unreasonable.”

    Obama paid ACORN for GOTV in the primary. Was it mislabeled and was he forced to correct that? Sure. Did he pay $800,000 for fraud? No. What is fraudulent about getting out the vote? There also is absolutely no evidence that ACORN paid workers to commit fraud, only that workers employed to gather registrations submitted fraudulent names to make more money. It’s on ACORN of course to clean this junk up because it’s not the first or even the second time this garbage has happened. Still, to suggest Obama paid for fraud? One giant leap for dog kind.

    You take large leaps because you’re desperate to smear Obama. That’s the problem with this election. McCain waited too long to attack Obama on what really sticks (blame his advisor’s) and he’s got a chorus of folks like you screaming at the top of their lungs stuff about fraud and birth certificates. Rome is burning, man.

    You were here talking about Obama’s non-existent money problem, calling him a socialist, attacking his citizenship, calling him a terrorist, and all the while folks were biting their nails to the frazzle over this economy, the DOW was doping 500+ points every few days, and the fiscal conservative in the White House was calling for $700 billion to make it all okay. Dare I bring back the Carvillesque phrase from the Clinton years?

    Has McCain already lost? Of course not. But he’s in very poor shape going into the last week of the election and he’s got only his campaign and you folks to blame. Instead of correcting the record, framing the debate to question Dems on the economy, you guys have played guilt by association, made crazy accusations, repeated outright myth and fabrications, and then cried about the media when none of that got traction.

  19. Big Dog says:

    Adam, All I said was that Obama had to work harder because McCain did not have to do fund raising. But, Obama’s October money has dropped very noticeably so they are on the same footing. The reality is, I don’t care how much money he took in, the Republicans were outspent in 2000 and 2004 and still won. Obama lied about accepting public funding. He proved that he was opportunistic and could not keep his word.

    Obama is a Socialist and his history (what little there is) shows that. He has yet to prove his citizenship and that is all I am asking for. Prove it. You need a BC for many things, why not to show you are a citizen. And no, a computer generated document will not do it.

    The economy stupid. The one that has been raped by Democrats whose lax policies and refusal to heed the warnings of Bush and McCain while allowing their buddies to make millions of dollars. The crisis that Barney Frank said was not coming and that all was well. The financial crisis that has already happened and will heal itself with or without the influx of taxpayer money.

    You see, people never complain when they make a killing in the stock market but they expect government to bail them out when they lose. People did not complain when they though that the value of their house would go up and they would be able to sell for a profit. When it did not happen they lost the gamble and now they want government to bail them out.

    The fact is, average people already took the economic hit. Our stocks went down, our retirements went down and they will go back up, history shows us that. What we did not need was to add to the problem by spending 700 billion of money that we don’t have to help out rich people who, with the help of Democrats, screwed us.

    All I will say is don’t believe the polling you see. Obama might win but it will be 51-49. There are a lot of people who will reconcile their feelings about this in the next week and McCain might just win.

    If he does I do not want to hear, nor will I entertain from you or anyone else, the words fraud.

    I will also take great joy in watching the left and the media (redundant) melt down.

  20. Adam says:

    I’m going to complain about the same things I always complain about whether Obama wins or loses. There is no evidence of any systemic voter fraud in this country but a mountain of evidence that voter suppression is a problem.

    There is absolutely no doubt that laws have been changed to tighten the ability of groups to register voters, that voter ID laws have been passed that make it harder to vote, that laws have been passed to make it easier to block registration over tiny issues in registration forms, that caging lists are being used to strike voters from the rolls even if they are legitimate voters, that voting machines are more likely to be defective or fewer or votes to be miscounted in minority and poor districts, that provisional ballots have been used to keep voters from casting real ballots and then they go largely uncounted and unchecked. The list goes on and on, despite your insistence to the contrary…

    But to care about voter suppression you have to actually care about the right to vote which you obviously don’t so long as you can still vote. It paints a sad little picture…

  21. Big Dog says:

    What mountains of evidence? I see people who have little inclination to vote. I see people scrubbed from voter roles and sometimes by accident. There is no deliberate attempt but I can see why they shut down groups. Look at ACORN, if they are any indication then we need even tighter control.

    Why is it Democrats say that loose control over Wall Street caused the problems but believe loose control over voting is OK and will not lead to abuse. Motor voter laws encourage ILLEGALS to vote because they can get a license and are offered the chance to register without proving they are citizens. Millions of them vote but that is OK and folks like you push for even more lax immigration laws.

    I care about deliberate and illegal suppression. I don’t care about some minor inconvenience like having to show an ID which I think makes the process more honest. Everyone has or can get an ID. Maybe something simple like a voter registration card with a photo.

    I can still vote because I ensure I am registered, I vote in each election, I have no criminal record, and I have a valid address. I also know how to read and write, and do not have nuances on my forms. If you are unable to fill out the form or use the machine then maybe you should learn.