Frankenstein Monster

Well folks, first Al Franken was on Letterman and then he showed up on the Today Show. He told the same story (notice I did not say joke) that he did on Letterman. I would think that if you are supposed to be a comedian then you would know that if a “joke” bombs the first time you do not use it again. Frankenstein does not know this because he is not really a comedian. I know for a fact that if you are a comedian you are supposed to be humorous. Frankenstein does not come close. I can’t help but feel a bit badly for him. He is so pathetic and his ratings are not measurable so he has to go on TV shows to remind people he is alive.

Frankenstein is saying that Rove and Libby will be executed for their parts (which have yet to be established) in the Plame Game. I would like to know why his flock of moonbat followers thinks this is funny yet they came unhinged when Pat Robertson mentioned killing a world leader. It would seem that this mention of killing people should draw the same ire from the people who were up in arms about Robertson. I guess that would be asking too much, I mean for them to be consistent.

If anyone knows about death it would be Franken. His radio show is so dead that it is near flat line and the crew is preparing to defibrillate it. Perhaps Frankenstein hopes the TV appearances will be the epinephrine he needs to jump start his show. Fat chance, they are giving him last rites (though he will likely refuse on the grounds of the fictitious separation clause).

Here is a story about the monster’s rerun.

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