Franken Gets Lead And Suddenly It Is Over

It happened in Minnesota just like it did in Washington. A Republican had a small lead at the end of election day and then during the recount a bunch of previously undiscovered and unsecured ballots from heavily Democratic areas were mysteriously found and miracle of all miracles they are votes for the Democrat who happens to suddenly gain the lead. The entire time the Republican leads we are cautioned that all votes must count and to wait and as soon as the Democrat goes ahead bam, the counting is over and he is declared the winner.

This is how the low life maggots that infest the Democratic Party operate and Al Franken is just the latest to benefit from the mischief.

Franken had been behind for most of the counting but then things that were deemed statistically impossible began to happen. Hundreds of ballots turned up and they were votes for Franken in disproportionate numbers. In other words, the found ballots favored Franken by much more than the vote on election day did. What are the odds.

Franken cautioned that every vote needed to count and in some cases more than that were counted. Absentee ballots were supposed to be copied and marked as a copy. The copies were not marked and were double counted and that helped Al. There were a number of irregularities and some of them involved the recount having more votes than the actual number of people registered to vote in given areas.

Franken and the Democrats were quick to jump on the “I won” bandwagon just as soon as the partisan Secretary of State certified him the winner.

Chuck Schumer said that Franken should be seated immediately which would violate Minnesota law because Coleman has 7 days to file a court challenge. Therefore, Franken will not be official for at least 7 days; longer if a court case is filed (which will almost certainly happen). The law does not matter to Schumer who said that the Senate has important business and Franken should be seated immediately so he does not fall behind. Interestingly, the business is not so important that Roland Burris must be seated immediately. The Democrats have vowed to block him from entering.

Maybe the business is not that important but the all white Democrats in “Club Senate” don’t mind the white guy showing up but they have a problem with the black guy. They are a bunch of racists and this shows it as clear as can be.

The RNC has basically said that Franken should not be seated until all the legal challenges are completed and every vote is actually counted but only once.

UPDATE: Democrats have decided to delay seating Franken.

The Democrats are salivating over the idea of having 59 Senators (as long as one is not a black guy from Illinois) so that they can have a nearly filibuster proof chamber. With some of the RINOs on the right it is no doubt that the Democrats will have plenty of votes when they need them.

Hell, John McCain will probably hand them a few more daggers. He has been Mr. “go along to get along” and was “bipartisan” all along. What did it get him? They bent him over and had their way with him. They know he is a useful idiot and he is not the only one.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Never, ever, trust the Democrats. They cheat, they lie, and they steal. They steal elections. ACORN, set up to commit fraud. The recount process, favors Democrats who have extra ballots hidden to use when they need more votes. How can unsecured ballots that were not present and were not counted on election day suddenly be counted as if they are legitimate? How can more people than there are registered voters, vote? How can recounts of certain ballots only be allowed in heavily Democratic areas? How can there be different rules each day and different rules for each candidate?

How can we allow this to happen?

The only fair way to resolve this issue is to have another election. This time it will only be these two and let the voters actually decide. Have extra judges on hand to keep the Democrats from cheating and put anyone caught cheating in jail for no less than 5 years. Another election is the only fair way to ensure the will of the people is actually exercised and it will remove the cloud of suspicion from over the head of the winner, no matter which one it is.

Without an election a lot of people will think that the election was stolen no matter who goes to DC.

We all know Franken is on the verge of stealing it but if Coleman wins via the courts the cloud will follow him as well.

Have another vote. If every vote is important then have another election and count every vote.

BTW: I told you Franken would win. I knew the Democrats would steal it.

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2 Responses to “Franken Gets Lead And Suddenly It Is Over”

  1. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 01/06/2009 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  2. GeorgiaDawg says:

    This is outright voter fraud,double and triple voting in some cases.not allowing our service men and women votes to count.This scum we call the democratic party will do anything to elect Ole Al (the turd ) Franken to the Senate.Hope the Repub’s will do everything possible to stop this.