France to Attack Libya

Have you heard the news? Apparently the country of France has decided to attack Libya. Of course, he’ll ask EU permission first.

But hey, why not? After all, France has already decided who the leaders of the country are, they’re setting up an embassy for them, and that doesn’t include Gaddafi. No one outside of Libya seems to care. The media doesn’t care. France is now the world leader that the US used to be.

I wonder if anyone would care if Columbia decided to send planes to attack the WI capital building in support of the protesters there?

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One Response to “France to Attack Libya”

  1. Eoj Trahneir says:

    I wonder if anyone would care if Argentina invaded the Falklands or if Iraq invaded Kuwait?

    Or if France, who owned Libya and built it from a sand-dune into a country, still cared what happens there?

    As long as there is a market for cheese, France will be the leader.