France is Playing a Dangerous Game of Terrorist Support

After Israel kicked the snot our of Hezbollah in their recent conflict, the United Nations got involved and drew up resolutions. Those resolutions required Israel to cease hostilities and for Hezbollah to return the soldier they kidnapped. Hezbollah was also supposed to stop moving arms into the border region. Hezbollah has not complied with the resolution. This should come as no surprise because the Muslims never comply with UN resolutions and their transgressions are over looked by the hapless UN, a UN that allows Hezbollah to rearm right under its nose.

Last month an Israeli aircraft was nearly engaged by French military members who are on the border to “enforce” the resolution and ensure the cease fire remains intact. The French are ignoring the actions of Hezbollah just as the previous UN observers did (they were all killed when Hezbollah, in violation of the law, used their post to fire at the Israelis). Now, the French are flying drones in order to collect information for the Israeli Air Force. Israel said thanks but no thanks, they want to see for themselves what is going on. They make a good point and that is, until Hezbollah is forced to comply, they [the Israelis] are under no obligation to do so.

This is the scenario that has played out time and again. The Israelis and the Muslims get in a battle. The Arabs get their butts kicked and the UN makes resolutions (many of which are more restrictive to Israel) and then the Muslims ignore the resolutions and continue to wage war on Israel. France is now in the mix and they have indicated their troops have the right to fire on Israeli jets if they [the French] feel threatened by their actions. This would be a bad move on the part of the French because the Israelis have no objections to shooting back. A lot of French soldiers would be killed if they were stupid enough to shoot at the Israelis.

Israel is like the Lone Ranger in that part of the world. Every one of its neighbors wants to wipe the country out of existence and Iran is making that known more often and much louder than in the past. Israel can take any of those countries but when they start using nuclear weapons and other WMD, it will be up to the US, Israels Tonto, to ensure they win.

Will we finally have the nerve to use all out ruthless force to kill the cancer on this Earth known as Islam?

Jerusalem Post

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