Fox Upset US Might End Catch And Release Program

Mexican President Vincente Fox is very upset that the United States is considering putting up a wall between the two countries. Fox called it “disgraceful and shameful.” So let me get this straight. Fox thinks it is OK for his people to break our laws, come in here and draw from our economy, send a billion dollars a month home, and commit crimes as members of gangs such as MS 13 but us trying to stop that is disgraceful and shameful.

What Fox does not like is that his country’s free ride might come to an end. You see, he sends them here, and make no mistake about it the Mexican government sanctions it, and they get jobs. Then, they send a billion dollars a month into Mexico. Fox gets money in his country that he would otherwise not have and he does not have to provide anything for it. The US, on the other hand, provides welfare, medical care, education, and jobs. The US taxpayer gets screwed once again while the illegals send their ill gotten gains back to Mexico.

Fox said:

“The disgraceful and shameful construction of walls, the increasing enforcement of security systems and increasing violation of human rights and labor rights will not protect the economy of the United States,” he said.

He again called for the easing of U.S. immigration laws to benefit millions of undocumented Mexican fruit pickers, waiters and janitors working north of the border, a complex bilateral issue that has at times strained relations with Washington.

Vincente, it is not a violation of human rights to enforce laws against people who break them. Perhaps if you could figure that out your country would not be a third world crap hole with high crime and poverty rates. I am getting tired of you telling us how we need to reform our immigration laws. I think you are right that we need to reform them but not how you want.

Illegal ImmigrantsFox, here is the Big Dog immigration policy. Start putting out fliers indicating that anyone seen crossing the border will be shot on sight. ANYONE. Then give a start date. On start date, shoot people crossing the border. Soon we have one of two things; fewer people willing to risk being shot just to cross or fewer people. In either case it reduces the number of illegals coming in and costs less than a wall. This is an example of consequences for your actions.

By the way Fox, we let your guys in when they do it the right way. When we do it your way we get MS 13 and most of us would appreciate it if you kept your scumbag gang members down there. Most of us except the liberals, that is.

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Photo: (Raul Llamas / AFP / (c) Getty Images)

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One Response to “Fox Upset US Might End Catch And Release Program”

  1. Rosemary says:

    GOOD! I do not CARE if he is UPSET. I’ve been upset a lot longer, and there is no one wiping my frustrating tears. (lol)