For Democrats Wire Tap Bad, Computer Hack Good

Ever since the attacks on America on 9/11/01 the Bush administration has been using a variety of methods to find and squash terrorists. These methods include intercepting phone calls that are made from or to a suspected terrorist overseas. This program has been under attack by the left since it was first outed by the New York Times (a little Valerie Plame lingo there) and a number of liberals as well as anti-American organizations like the ACLU have been trying to stop it. They claim that intercepting private phone calls is a violation of rights and that it shows the bush administration takes the law into its own hands. We will not get into the issue about rights and overseas calls to enemies or the fact that the law allows it. Just suffice it to say that the left does not like it when someone pries into personal communications.

Except, of course, when they are the ones intercepting private communications. A Democrat running against California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fits into this do as I say mold of the moonbat party. The campaign of Phil Angelides has admitted that it obtained an audio file that was on the Governor’s computer or on his server. The Democrats say they did nothing wrong and that they only downloaded it from the Governor’s publicly available website. Schwarzenegger’s people say that the file was “hacked from the private computer system of the governor’s office.”

The Democrats here are playing games with what they did. It is unlikely that the Governor loaded this file to a public site because it was a recording of stuff he was working on. The remarks he made about Latinos being hot tempered were recorded in the file and Angelides’ people obtained it and released it. I just wonder if, since they say they did nothing wrong, how they feel about us tapping into the phones of terrorists so we can see how they are doing. perhaps Schwarzenegger can have his folks tap into the Democrats server and extract all their plans. You can bet one thing. If it had been a Republican who obtained the files from a Democrat there would be hell to pay and all kinds of accusations of invasion of privacy.

Democrats will do anything to get elected. They can not be trusted and they have double standards. I hope that the police can find some wrong doing here and the person or persons responsible get considerable jail time. Chuckie Schumer illegally obtains Michael Steele’s credit reports and Angelides illegally obtains Schwarzenegger’s personal electronic files. How mush lower will these jackasses stoop to win?


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One Response to “For Democrats Wire Tap Bad, Computer Hack Good”

  1. Webloggin says:

    For Democrats Wire Tap Bad, Computer Hack Good…

    Welcome to the split personality of the Democrat Party. They simultaneously cry corruption and act corrupt at the same time. Of course it is perfectly fine to take the file as long as you know how to get it. Idiots.