For Ben Cardin, It’s All About The Race

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I wrote several days ago about the Maryland Senatorial campaign and the news of a blogger working for Ben Cardin, the Democratic nominee. Cardin is probably an honorable man but he is a career politician and when he answers questions he sounds like one. He was on WBAL radio and they asked him about the incident and the host asked him if the person was Ursula Gruber. Cardin hemmed and hawed and then said I think so but I’m not sure, or words to that effect. Gruber, on the blog, indicated that another staffer had worked for Wal Mart and the office rejoiced when he quit (Wal Mart is evil to Democrats) but not until he let everyone in the office illegally use his employee discount card. Cardin was asked if this was being looked into and he said he did not know about it but he was not very convincing. Cardin wants the items written in that blog about the racism in his office to blow over so he can attack the issues. Ben has assured us we need to send him to the Senate so he can get things done for us. He has been in Congress for decades and has not gotten these things done so what will a change to the Senate accomplish, but I digress.

The local media, with the exception of WBAL radio, has largely ignored this incident, or should I say did not make it very high on the news list. The Baltimore Examiner had a few generic articles but they were not as large and picturesque as the article showing all the black Democratic politicians in the state surrounding Cardin in a vote of support. You see, when a Democrat is involved in something that involves race it is OK because Democrats can not be racists. If Cardin had been anything other than a Democrat and made these comments the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and every other black leader would be demanding an apology and telling us how we can not tolerate this racism. Hell, look how they jumped on Bush for Katrina when the failure was from the two Democratic leaders in Louisiana. To illustrate further, let us take a look at Texas.

Independent Gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman said sexual predators should be thrown in prison and forced to “listen to a Negro talking to himself.” This did not sit well with the black community. Here are a few remarks:

State Rep. Garnet Coleman, former chairman of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, said the remarks are unacceptable from a candidate for governor, and sound more like something uttered by someone running for “class clown or the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.”


Democratic candidate Chris Bell said he was offended by Friedman’s remark, and added, “I just don’t think those types of comments have a place in this campaign.” Breitbart

I guess if ole Kinky had been a Democrat like, say, oh, Ben Cardin then he would have been given a pass. I have not heard any members of the black community in Maryland say that the racist activity described as going on in Cardin’s campaign office were the acts of someone running for class clown of grand wizard of the KKK. No one in this community has indicated that they were offended and that these kinds of things have no place in the campaign. To Cardin’s credit he said something to that effect but what else is he going to do? Instead, black leaders flock to Cardin as if he were the victim of a drive by shooting and stand united with him. Hell, even the black candidate who lost to Cardin is supporting him.

The media is disgraceful and they fail to report these things. I don’t expect much from the Baltimore Sun. After all, their editorial board said that the only thing Michael Steele brought to the ticket (in the last Governor’s race) was the color of his skin and not one black Democratic leader had a word to say. Want to bet that they do not say that about the Democrat’s running mate (who by the way is not black but is being passed off as one in the name of diversity)?

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I heard the talk show host on WBAL state that Cardin is lucky this did not happen a week or so before the election. I have to disagree. The day before the election, Cardin or any other Democrat for that matter could hang a black man from a light post in the middle of town while the TV news filmed it and then beat the guy’s kids with a bat while sexually assaulting his wife and the black Democratic leaders would rush in to support their guy and the Democratic voters would vote for him as if it were another day in the neighborhood. This is the result you get when years of social programs breed generations of people who think it is the government’s job to run their lives. Of course, the only people in government who can do that are the Democrats.

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