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I wrote not long ago about the Maryland “Wal-Mart” bill that required businesses in Maryland with greater than 10,000 employees to spend 8% of payroll in health care or send the difference to the state to fund state run insurance (Medicaid). At the time I indicated that once government gets its foot in the door with any kind of tax it never, ever, goes away. Advocates of the Wal-Mart bill were touting its passage (which was actually an aver ride of the governor’s veto) and dismissed any concerns that this would expand. I however, told you it would not be long before everyone was affected, and truthfully I was hoping they would be. You see, the Democrats in Maryland passed the original bill with labor union support because the unions have been trying to infiltrate Wal-Mart for years without success. Therefore, it was time to punish the retail giant.

Lo and behold, as I reported, in fewer than 30 days the Maryland clown patrol in Annapolis introduced new legislation dropping the thresholds to 1000 employees and 4.5%. A bill that was designed to affect one company (In Maryland, like in many states, Wal-Mart is the largest employer and only company with more than 10,000 employees) will now affect virtually all of them, though at a lower cost. For those who support labor unions, remember it was they who brought you this misery in the state of Maryland. Remember that when you see which candidate they support in the election because it will be the candidate who cares about the union’s agenda and not the citizens. It would do people well to remember that Governor Ehrlich, who I have a few problems with, vetoed the original bill.

For those of you who are still too naive’ to understand how government works, let me point it out. They do not generally have the interests of citizens in mind when they make decisions. With Democrats especially, they are concerned about special interest groups, organized labor unions, and large cash contributors. They make decisions based upon the wishes of these entities and not the concerns of the average citizen. When they tell you that they are trying to provide for everyone they are developing an income redistribution scheme to take some of your money and give it to someone else. If your neighbor did that to you then he would be arrested for theft. If he sent thugs to do it for him, he would be arrested for organized crime. Let the elected officials take your stuff and use their thugs in the IRS or state Comptroller’s office and that is called government. Was the Gambini crime family any different than government?

To continue with the education process, whenever a politician tells you that something will not expand, IT WILL. In Maryland they passed a TEMPORARY tax for local jurisdictions called a “Piggyback Tax.” They passed this temporary measure in the 1960s and we still pay it every year. The only difference is the percentage we pay has risen. The law restricted the PB Tax to 50%, then 55 or 60%. Now they use this special calculation that makes it look like a small amount but in some cases raises the tax rate to 70%. How does this apply to the Wal-Mart bill? All those politicians who were on the radio claiming that the bill would only affect companies with greater than 10,000 employees lied. Their commercials talked about the fair share tax bill and how it would affect those large companies (without mentioning Wal-Mart) who did not pay enough. It would not affect smaller businesses, we were told (though the Big Dog told you differently at the time). Well, it appears they were lying to the state’s citizens all along. This is from the Federalist Patriot (in an email):

From the states, expanding liberalism rarely fails in Maryland’s General Assembly, but after losing in a bid to expand Medicaid eligibility and compensation through raising cigarette taxes, leftists revamped the idea by targeting a familiar bogeyman, Wal-Mart.

Pending legislation would expand “Fair Share” to companies employing 1,000 or more, while lowering the payroll threshold to 4.5 percent. Sponsoring Delegate James Hubbard said last year’s “Fair Share” bill was just a first step to his goal of “health coverage for all Marylanders.” Hubbard explained, “If you give up 80 percent of what you want to get 20 percent, after five years you have nothing to give up.” We fear the same will be true of Maryland businesses in the near future.

They knew all along that they wanted to get their feet int he door so they could expand. They had a socialist agenda that might not have passed had they been honest. By making it look like the only business affected was some huge company with lots of money, they got buy in from the liberals in this state who are always looking for a free ride and saw Wal-Mart as their cash cow. Now of course, they too will be affected. I think that is great. Here is what I would like to see for Maryland:

  • Wal-Mart reduce salary for employees to meet the 8%
  • Wal-Mart cut the number of insurance choices from 11 to 3 or 4 and pay the higher premium to meet 8% and nothing more. If they were spending 8% they need to reduce what they spend to hit 8% exactly.
  • Wal-Mart needs to reduce the number of stores and distribution centers in Maryland so they will be below 10,000 employees and can then pay the 4.5%
  • Businesses between 1000 and 10,000 employees have a difficult time with the weaker ones folding. They supported the bill now they can live or die by it.
  • Prices in Wal-Mart rise to compensate for the mandated increase
  • Wal-Mart stop contributing to political candidates
  • Small businesses start crying that this is unfair so we can point out their hypocrisy
  • Marylanders finally wake up and get rid of the Democrats in this state who do nothing to make quality of life better
  • Maryland’s population decrease as people move to states with more responsible governments

I want to see this bill cause true misery for the people of Maryland. I want them to hurt for what they did in the name of greed and unfair business practice. I want their actions to come back to bite them in the butt and I want every politician who voted for this to hear from constituents on election day.

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