Flag Burning Rarely Occurs

The Senate had a Flag Desecration Amendment that they voted on last week and it failed by one vote. I have already stated that the Senators are out of touch with Americans. Nearly 90% of America favors such an amendment but there are a few RINO Senators who did not vote for the amendment because they know better than you do what you want. All the Senators who voted against this have given reasons (excuses) but none of them wash. Clinton said that she introduced legislation to make it illegal. She knows full well that it will be overturned bu the SCOTUS, just as the other laws have. Either she is an idiot when it comes to law or she is trying to make it look like she has the alternative to such a drastic measure. You can decide but I am going with a combination of the two.

Others have told us an amendment is unnecessary because Flag burnings are rare. Bank robberies are rare but we still have laws because a majority of Americans want laws against bank robbery. The Senate can not grasp the idea that they are supposed to represent us, to carry our OUR will. A very large majority wants this but they know better. Perhaps these jackasses can explain how it is that the rare Flag burning takes place as an annual even at Santa Cruz and on the Fourth of July.

A bunch of liberal pussies get together and burn Flags, for no particular reason. They do it because they can. The men and women of our armed forces gave and protect their right to this act and they can show no decency. That is because they all say it is their right but NONE of them have the guts to go out and defend that right unless it involves a protest in the street while drinking fancy coffees with names no one can pronounce. They are truly pussies. I wish one of those helicopters that puts out forest fires could have dumped a bucket of water on the cowards.

I am looking for the day when some jackass burns a Flag in my neighborhood. I imagine that he might get hurt when the fire gets extinguished. This event and the others around the country coupled with cowardly RINO Senators means that my plan is more important than ever. Each jurisdiction should require a Flag burning permit that costs $10,000 (per Flag). Anyone caught without the permit would spend 6 months in jail. Also, no permits will be issued for burnings on public property.

The SCOTUS can not regulate permits. Of course, the legislation Clinton proposes might have teeth if they write into it that it may not be reviewed by the courts. The Constitution states (in Article III, section 2):

…the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.

So, make it one of the exceptions…

The Constitution

Remember the RINOs on election day: Lincoln Chaffee, Robert Bennett, and Mitch McConnell.

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3 Responses to “Flag Burning Rarely Occurs”

  1. Korea: what rockets do when you peddle fake vxxxxx…

    Now if only Kim Jong Il whose underpants are emblazoned with the phrase “Home of the Whopper,” would stop peddling fake Vxxxxx maybe his rockets would stay up longer, or at least fours hours according to the warning label. Wait, what am I saying?…

  2. hrm says:

    Ya, we should have banned flag burning. It would have put in such a noble group of nations. Places like China, North Korea, the old Soviet Union.

    Speech should be free even if it pisses you off. Speech should be free even if it pisses me off. Speech should be free even if it would piss off our fallen heroes (if they were still alive). Anything else betrays what these people fought and died for. Anything else betrays the principles that this country was founded on.

    Being against this amendment is the height of good conservatism, something that seems to have been forgotten by today’s Republicans who seem hell-bent on erasing what few protections we have left. Not that the dems are any better. There’s really no hope for this country.

    Maybe guys like you should just start the coup now and get it over with. Dictatorship seems inevitable and amendments like this are just the baby steps in that direction. For further reference, look at how Hitler demolished the Weimer Republic in 1933. Erasing freedoms in the name of patriotism and security was exactly how he operated.

  3. Big Dog says:

    I appreciate the comment but the sentiments are way off base. Flag burning in this country was illegal until about 1970 or so and we did not turn into an evil dictatorship.

    There are plenty of rights and they are honored except of course our right to practice religion when we want. You should be upset that there is an attack on your right to mention God and to keep a gun but you instead focus on something that is clearly not speech.

    There are plenty of things that one could call free speech that are illegal. If I burned a Cross in my front yard I would be arrested and it would be labeled a hate crime. If I painted a swasticka in the lawn at a local park it would be labeled a hate crime but some guy can burn a Flag on that very lawn.

    The Constitution says that government may not enact a law restricting your right to free speech, just what is a Flag burner saying and how is it speech. I am willing to bet that if a bunch of Christians held a rally and burned Korans you, CAIR and most of the liberal world would label it hate.

    To me and to many veterans burning a Flag is hate speech. Nearly 90% of the country agrees so why is your 10% opinion more important?

    I know how Hitler operated and I also know we defeated him. You seem to forget that Hitler also disarmed all the Jews before he rounded them up and killed them. This historical fact seems to escape people who want to take guns from law abiding citizens.

    I would not advocate swastickas or cross burning but they do piss a lot of people off and they are banned forms of speech. Perhaps you can explain why we have this double standard.