Five Time Child Pornographer Gets Life

James A. Reigle Jr., 46 was arrested some time ago by the FBI after an agent downloaded an image from the Internet that showed the man engaged in sexually explicit activity with a child. The picture of the man was put up on the FBI web site and his picture was featured on “America’s Most Wanted.” Two other perverts were sentenced to long jail terms for their involvement in child pornography.

Reigle received what is believed to be the first life sentence for child pornography. Many might question the harshness of the sentence, especially the perverts at NAMBLA, but I want to know why he had to wait until his fifth arrest for child pornography before he got a long sentence. If they had put this pervert behind bars for a real long time after the first incident then other families would not have had this tragedy happen to them.

What is it with adults and having sex with children? In Vietnam, rock star Gary Glitter (Paul Francis Gadd) is going on trial on March second because he allegedly engaged in obscene acts with two aged 10 and 11. This is a 61 year old man who was convicted in Britain in 1999 for possessing child pornography. This man is now 61 years old and he engaged in lewd acts with girls young enough to be his grand children. Why was he even allowed to be with children, especially children that young. Fortunately, he is in Vietnam where they can exercise justice without having the ACLU defending the perverted acts as an exercise of freedom.

Couple all this with Michael Jackson and his perversion and we have to question what the human race is coming to. Jackson was acquitted of the charges he had sex with little boys and though I do not believe he was innocent, I have to go with our judicial system. I also think OJ did it and Mike Tyson did not rape that woman but juries said they did and that is good enough for me. Regardless, can any rationale person say that they would leave their children alone with someone like Jackson? If you knew Glitter’s past would you let him around your kids? Would you tolerate a 4 time child sex offender being around your children?

NAMBLA and their buddies at the ACLU might think it is OK but parents that actually has an ounce of brains would not let their children around these freaks. We need some new rules regarding all sex offenders but especially those who exploit children. They need a minimum sentence of a very long time, like say 20 or 30 years for a first offense. I would be in favor of life but that would somehow end up being battled in court for so long that it would cost money and waste time.

Let’s put these sick perverts away for a long time and keep them locked behind bars where they belong. Children have a hard enough time in this world without becoming prey to perverts.

Source 1: MSNBC

Source 2: WBAL

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