First Kerry Now Clinton

Is there any question as to why the terrorists attacked us? It is no mystery that they attacked us because they felt we were weak. They saw the Clinton Administration ignore every attack against this country and they became even bolder. They finally attacked with fury and why shouldn’t they? They figured that George Bush would be no different than the last President who gave North Korea all the stuff to make nuclear weapons on a handshake and a wink. All North Korea had to do was promise not to use the stuff to make weapons, the weapons they are now trying to make.

We had Kerry tell us that we should give Iran everything they need and then see if they use it to make nuclear weapons. Yes, John Kerry actually said we should give it to them as a test. How would we know if they failed the test? Perhaps a nuke hitting Boston? Kerry obviously did not learn anything from Clinton and his North Korea stupidity.

Speaking of Clinton, he wants us to establish a dialogue with Hamas. It is not really surprising since Clinton loved Arafat and schmoozed with him on a number of occasions. Clinton did not care about Israel or the fact that Arafat was a TERRORIST. He does not now care that Hamas, a TERRORIST organization is threatening Israel, he thinks we should just talk to them and they will be OK. Who does he think he is , Dr. Phil?

This should be a very clear indication to everyone that we can not trust our national security to the Democrats. They will sell us out. Whether it is missile technology to China, nukes to North Korea (or Iran if Kerry had his way) or just allowing terrorists to attack us without consequence, the donks have shown they do not have what it takes to keep us safe and secure. Some of them actually think we should take bin Laden up on his truce offer. They just can not be trusted.

Clinton made his statement from Switzerland where, interestingly enough, Kerry is. They are probably skiing and pinching Swiss blonds all on the taxpayer dollar. Who knows, maybe they are working out a deal to give our enemies more technology with which to kill us.

Source: My Way News

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