Finally repaired

Anyone who has visited this site in the past few days might have noticed that things were amiss. Depending on when you visited you might have gotten an error message or a site with no posts.

Friday, while trying to back up my data, I accidental erased the data base. Anyone who has worked with mysql knows there is no “undelete” function. I tried everything to get the data back. I emailed Bluehost, the folks who I rent server space from. They were great! I got an email saying that they had restored the data from a particular point. I went in and found the monthly back-up and down loaded it. My data was in that back-up. It appears that I only lost the data from Thursday and Friday. I am holding out a bit of hope that they might have that information on a daily but I am completely happy with the results.

If you are looking for server space I recommend Bluehost. They are reliable and they have excellent tech support, even for the boneheaded things that I do and even on a Holiday weekend! There is a link to them on the left sidebar. They are reasonably priced, offer a good package with lots of space/bandwidth, and they are more than helpful.

Anyway, it is great to be back on line with most everything intact.

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