Fight For Your Right To Potty

It seems to me that if one dresses as a person of the opposite sex and acts that way and happens to use a bathroom that matches the sex the person is pretending to be, no one would notice. If a man acts and dresses like a woman and no one knows that person is a man then using a women’s restroom would likely not cause an issue (using the me’s room dressed that way, on the other hand…).

The problem comes in when policies are enacted that allow people to use a restroom according to how they identify. If a man feels like a woman then he can use the ladies room and that is not right.

Once again, if no one knows your true sex than it is not an open issue because no one knows (though I think the person has mental health issues if no one knows then there is nothing to fuss about).

These laws allowing people to use whatever restroom they like depending on how they feel oriented that day are harmful. How long before guys who feel like a woman use the women’s locker room and shower? How many women who feel like men will use the men’s restroom or locker room and how many sexual assaults or inappropriate behaviors will it take to stop the madness?

How long before the sex predators use these laws to attack women and children in restrooms? Anyone who supports this madness should be held responsible for any attacks that happen.

We should have separate restrooms and locker rooms and the idea that they should be combined or for use by anyone depending on how they feel on any given day is delusional and counter to a well-functioning society.

Regardless, states have the right to decide this issue and the federal government does not belong involved in it. But we can’t let the states do what they want because that would take control away so we get morons like Springsteen canceling concerts, Michael Moore pulling movie showings (as if that is a loss), and Pay Pal rethinking business decisions. All of this is designed to force a state to comply with a perversion that it does not want to support. Goodness forbid one expresses views that run counter to those of the left.

The terrorist group al gayda and its affiliates of liberal and progressive terror groups use intimidation and threats of violence to force states to give in to their demands.

They do this because they seem to think people have the right to do what they want wherever they want regardless of who it affects. In other words, they are happy to violate the rights of others in order to exercise some perceived right and they will go to war to do it.

There is no right for people to do these things. There is no right to use whatever restroom one wishes. Private businesses can do what they want (they can have any bathroom arrangement they desire because it is their business) and states are free to do as they wish. No one has any right and fighting or threatening does not change that fact.

The right to keep and bear arms is absolutely protected by our Constitution so that is a right. It is infringed upon all the time. Do you see any of the liberal terrorists who are going after North Carolina boycotting New York or Maryland for the blatant violation of people’s Second Amendment rights?

How many companies have changed decisions regarding these states based on their unconstitutional stances on the Second Amendment?

None (except, of course, some firearms companies). The reason is these people do not care about liberty. They do not care about freedom and they do not care about the Constitution.

They only care about pushing progressive liberal views for a hedonistic society. They want more turmoil so they support the mentally ill gender challenged people. This gives them more control as they move the nation farther down the path of destruction.

Just because most liberal men sit down to pee does not mean they have the right to use the ladies room.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Fight For Your Right To Potty”

  1. Blake says:

    Amen, brother.