Fifty Cops Killed By Firearms

Fifty police officers were shot and killed in 2014 and that is an increase over the previous year. Most of the shootings were from ambushes.

It is almost a certainty that these officers were not ambushed or otherwise shot by law abiding citizens. I would venture to guess they were murdered by drug dealers, gang bangers, and other criminals who were not allowed by law to have a firearm.

But the focus on firearms is against law abiding citizens. Those are the people most affected by gun control laws. Those who would do no wrong with a gun are further restricted while those who would do bad are free to do as they please because they do not obey the law in the first place.

The death of an officer is tragic though if one is shot on a no knock warrant where they bust doors down I would tend to side with the homeowner (provided he is not legally barred from having a firearm) because you are allowed to shoot people storming into your home.

In any event, this is not usually the case as officers are almost always murdered by criminals.

It is tragic that fifty of them were murdered. BUT, many major cities will have that many citizens murdered by firearms in a month or so. Chicago might have that many in a weekend. Being a police officer is a dangerous job but it is getting more dangerous to be a regular citizen in many of our cities (those run by liberals particularly).

The call for gun control is moronic and reactive. Police officers are far safer interacting with people who are legally allowed to carry than they are in areas where guns are restricted because criminals will carry those arms and have no problem shooting a cop or anyone else.

It is time to stop punishing the law abiding for the actions of the criminals in our society.

We are asked not to judge all cops by a few bad ones. We are asked not to judge all Muslims by those who commit terror but gun owners are not afforded the same consideration.

When some guy shoots a cop or goes on a spree that results in kids murdered at a school ALL gun owners are held to that crime and made to pay through gun control.

Many people tell me that I can’t judge what cops do because I am not a cop and that they have a dangerous job.

I am allowed to judge what I wish particularly regarding those whose salaries my taxes pay. I don’t have to stand in their shoes to know they have a dangerous job (I have never been to the Moon but I understand a lot about it) but I can see that depending on where one lives it is a hell of a lot more dangerous being a citizen than being a cop.

Especially when the government keeps working to disarm us.

At least a cop has the chance to shoot or shoot back…

As an aside, the second most common cause of officer death in 2014 was vehicle accident. Maybe we need to ban cars as well…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Fifty Cops Killed By Firearms”

  1. Barbara says:

    Yes I agree. We law abiding citizens need to be super careful with the race baiters out stirring up their BS. Me , I do have a permit. I WILL defend myself and others if necessary. The ones that are out inciting these things need to be in jail. But that want happen cause the little thugs could have been or look like we know who. So we and cops are suppose to just let them rob,steal,kill cops and do what ever they want and let them get away with it……if the Perp is BLACK.