Fences Make Good Neighbors

The United States has been playing with the idea of putting a fence up on its southern border to keep the ILLEGALS from walking across unabated. I say playing because this has not been taken very seriously by our elected leaders who would prefer to build a superhighway across the border and grant amnesty to all who can sneak in. This is important work for our leaders who must ensure that their family’s businesses are appropriately staffed with ILLEGALS doing the work Americans will not do. Without all the ILLEGALS, who will keep the landscape of their million dollar homes looking nice?

The President of Mexico is also opposed to a fence between the countries. Felipe Calderon believes that we should be building bridges, not fences and has voiced his concerns to President Bush who seems hell bent on doing whatever Mexico wants. Felipe Calderon was very appreciative of Bush’s efforts to pass an amnesty bill (they call it immigration reform) and he thinks it is important to allow his people to work here. He wants us to be friends.

I am all for being friends with Mexico. So let us explore this a bit further. Would you want friends who sneak into your house and take things to which they are not entitled? How many of you have friends who break into your home, eat your food, force you to pay for their health care, and make you pay them money because they are poor? If you have friends like this, you do not need enemies. Under Calderon’s logic, we should consider robbers who break into our houses as our friends.

If Mexico wants to be friends they can start by keeping their people home. They can also show good will by teaching their people how to come here legally rather than showing them ways to get here in violation of the law. Mexico can then send the US billions of dollars to pay for the services its people are using. He could also send crews to the border to clean up the terrible mess made by his citizens as they shed their waste in route to our country. We need a fence to keep the Mexicans honest about their efforts to be good neighbors.

I imagine that if two people lived next to each other and one of them had a dog that kept relieving itself in the other neighbor’s yard, there would be problems. If one neighbor erects a fence, the dog stays where it belongs and there are no hard feelings. This is because fences make good neighbors.

Calderon indicated that he has a problem with all the Mexicans coming to the US because they lose their hardest workers. If this is truly the case then the fence will also solve his problems and allay his concerns.

In any event, it is not his business nor is it his concern. If Mexico had any regard for the law a fence would not be necessary but since they do not we need a fence to keep the dogs from relieving themselves in our yard.

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