Feeding Them Is Torture

The US is force feeding terrorists at Club Gitmo who are on hunger strikes. In any instance I would say that if they want to starve to death, let them. However, given the current state of liberalism the US must force feed these guys. If they starve themselves to death the US will be blamed for their deaths. The liberals will claim the US allowed these terrorists to starve to death and accuse the Bush Administration of murder.

So instead of allowing these terrorists to die, as they should, we force feed them to keep them alive. This has been determined to be an act of torture. If we don’t feed them, it is torture, if they die, it is torture, if they are force fed it is torture. As I said, if they starved themselves to death it would not bother me a bit but given that Bush will get blamed for the deaths it is necessary to force them to eat. If those who call this torture will sign documents declaring that anyone who self inflicts their death then the US will not be responsible then perhaps we can let them die.

In the future there will be terrorists who starve themselves by refusing food but will claim the government refused to give them food. At least with forced feeding they can not make that claim.

Source: BBC News

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