Federalist Notes And Some Idiot Quotes

Here some items I from the Federalist Patriot I received via email (in no particular order):

  • “No American soldier should be sacrificed because Iraqi politicians refuse to resolve their ethnic and political differences.” —John Kerry

    Memo to Monsieur Kerry: “American troops in Iraq aren’t being wounded and killed because of Iraqi politicians—but by terrorists who refuse to participate in the political process.” —Oliver North

    Second memo to Comrade Kerry: “No American troops should ever be killed or wounded because a faux hero with political ambitions protests a war and consorts with the Nation’s enemy.” – Big Dog

  • “The Democrats make a terrible mistake if we act like it’s illegitimate to be a values voter. Let me just say, every one of you is a values voter. If you weren’t a values voter, you’d be at a Republican dinner tonight.” —Bill Clinton on, uh, values—enough said.
  • “I think… [Defense] Secretary Rumsfeld, with all due respect, is a past-tense man. And the president would be very wise, in my view, asking him to step aside. We need a new direction in Iraq.” —Demo-gogue Sen. Chris Dodd

    Memo to Chris: What we need is a “new direction” in Connecticut.

  • “Rumsfeld should resign because the administration is losing the war on the home front. As bad as things are in Baghdad, America won’t be defeated there militarily. But it may be forced into a hasty and chaotic retreat by mounting domestic opposition to its policy. Much of the American public has simply stopped believing the administration’s arguments about Iraq, and Rumsfeld is a symbol of that credibility gap. He is a spent force.” —The Washington Post’s David Ignatius

    Memo to David: Why are we “losing the war on the home front”?

  • “The anti-Rumsfeld generals have a right to their opinion. But there’s a reason the Founders provided for civilian control of the military, and a danger in military men using their presumed authority to push elected Administrations around. As for Democrats and their media allies, we can only admire their sudden new deference to the senior U.S. officer corps, which follows their strange new respect for the ‘intelligence community’ they also once despised. U.S. military recruiters might not be welcome on Ivy League campuses, but they’re heroes when they trash the Bush Administration. We suspect the President understands that most of those calling for Mr. Rumsfeld’s head are really longing for his… The further we move away from 9/11 without another domestic attack, the more tempting it is to believe that awful day was an aberration, to think that we can return to normalcy if we merely leave Iraq and the other Middle Eastern regimes to their own purposes. But the forces of radical Islam aren’t going to leave us alone merely because we decide that resisting them is too hard.” —The Wall Street Journal

Interesting how people say things that are completely opposite of their behavior as in Messrs Kerry and Clinton. Dodd is just a boob and 13 thousandths of a percent of retired Generals certainly do not speak for the majority.

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