Federal Coercion Is Done With YOUR Money

The federal government collects trillions of dollars in taxes from various entities including corporations and some people who earn income. About 48% of the population earning wages pay no taxes and often get back much more than they paid in.

The government uses this money to run the country, or it is supposed to. It usually spends the money in a reckless fashion and increases the debt to the nation.

One thing the federal government does with the tax money, money that comes from the states, is use it to force states to do what the federal government wants.

We are familiar with speed limits and how federal highway money is withheld if speed limits do not meet some federal standard. This is true with a number of things. The federal government takes money from the states and then says that it will give some back for one thing or another so long as the states abide by rules the feds want to impose.

This is also the case with the school lunch program. The program is designed to provide reduced or no cost lunches to children from low income families. The feds take money in taxes from the states and then send it back to the states to pay for the program.

But there is a catch. If a school system participates in the program then it is bound by the rules set forth by the federal government or it risks losing the money.

By participating in the National School Lunch Program, the school district must adhere to edicts handed down from Washington, D.C. [Linked article]

So if the feds say that schools can’t provide cake with lunch then they can’t. This idiocy extends to the classroom where the feds could say they can’t serve cake for birthday celebrations as well. As far as I know these are not the rules. I post them examples of what the feds CAN do.

A teacher in West Virginia is in trouble for giving wrapped candy to students as a reward for hard work and good behavior. That is a big no-no under the federal program. The teacher faces a fine or reeducation and the school risks losing money for the lunch program.

This is what happens when you get in bed with the devil.

Perhaps states should opt out of the program and stop sending money to the federal government for it. The states could set up their own programs and then reduce that cost from what the feds collect. I know it is much more complicated than that and that is by design.

If the feds can make every state and every person dependent on the federal government then it will have total control over every aspect of life.

This is what liberal/progressive/socialists on the left want. Unfortunately, it is also what many on the right want as well.

The government is not much different than the mafia in that it uses the same tactics to get what it wants. The only real difference is that the government has made what it does legal.

It is a shame the federal government uses coercion to force us to do things it wants.

It is a crying shame it does it with our own money…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Federal Coercion Is Done With YOUR Money”

  1. Barbara says:

    Speaking of the Devil, Mr and Mrs Lucifer was Elected, so of course they want to stuff their own guts and deprive our kids.