Fast And Furious Times At Ridgemont High

The comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High showed teenagers navigating through high school and exploring their sexuality (which for this comedy means teens having sex). There is no comedy in Mexico as Spanish language TV Univision linked the deaths of 16 teenagers to Operation Fast and Furious, the illegal gun running operation conceived and executed by Barack Obama and his regime.

The illegal activities remain locked away under seal of alleged protected presidential communications. In other words, the “most transparent” administration in history has sealed records showing that it conducted illegal activities, activities that resulted in the death of 300 Mexicans, 16 of whom were school students.

The illegal gun running operation also resulted in the deaths of Americans including a Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

There is no doubt that guns illegally provided by Barack Obama were used to murder people and there is no doubt that Barack Obama has engaged in a cover-up.

There is also no doubt that the lives of many people have been forever changed because Barack Obama allowed guns to be illegally purchased and provided to members of drug cartels. Barack Obama has blood on his hands and that is why he has hidden those memos.

Univision also found 57 weapons that were not reported. Imagine that, Obama allowed a lot of firearms to illegally enter Mexico and cannot fully account for them. Who lied to Congress about this and why is that person (or persons) not in a jail cell?

The families of the Mexicans who were murdered, all of them including the teenagers, deserve to know what happened and why. They deserve to know why Barack Obama cared so little about their lives and their safety that he armed drug cartels with weapons.

One wonders if the Libyans who raped and murdered Ambassador Stevens and murdered three others used arms provided by Barack Obama when he supported the Arab Spring.

Of course if he did we will never know beause he will claim Executive Privilege.

Yes, in the original movie teens were having sex.

In Fast and Furious they just got screwed…

Here is a link to the Univision report on Fast and Furious. WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES OF VIOLENCE AND DEATH.

Liberals might think Fast and Furious is old news but it is likely that for many of Univision’s viewers this is the first they have heard of Obama’s policy that resulted in the murder of Mexican citizens.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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