Farwell, Terri

As Ronald Reagan said of the Challenger astronauts, Terri Shiavo has “slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.”

Terri died this morning in her Pinellas Park hospice. Few of us really knew Terri; but, we all were caught up in her story — one that has not ended. Terri’s parents were reportedly not with her at her moment of death. They say Michael Shiavo asked them to leave shortly before her passing. Their pain and suffering will continue.

Our nation will mourn her controversial passing. No matter how we felt about the issues her situation raised, we were all touched by her plight.

While Terri enjoys her eternal rest, we must struggle with her legacy. We should, however, leave these issues for another day. Please join Big Dog and me in a prayer for Terri and her family. May her family find the peace and healing that they so deserve.

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