Farrakhan; Just Another Terrorist

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (pronounced Fairy Con which fits) spoke at Morgan State University (a black college) in Baltimore and had some harsh words about what happened in Ferguson MO. Farrakhan said that the violence that has been taking place is justified by the “law of retaliation” which he claims exist in the Bible and the Koran (it is obvious he is quoting the Old Testament and using it to justify violence. None of those rioting were wronged by anyone). As for the
koran, the book is filled with violence so shock there…

Louie also stated that if the demands of protesters are not met (I assume he means that something be done to punish Officer Wilson) then “we’ll tear this goddamn country up.”

[Obama and the Democrats are beating you to the punch on this one Louie]

There is also a report that he said parents should teach their children to throw Molotov cocktails but I do not see it that way. He said if your babies can’t fight teach them how to throw the bottle. I think he meant the bottle they drink from.

Louis was telling the predominantly black college that whites need to die in order to get things done. He claimed that if whites die when blacks die then people will sit down and talk about it. Does he mean that hundreds of whites need to die to counter the black on black crime in Chicago that goes unnoticed by race baiters like him? If you want to talk Louie, that would be a good place to start and you don’t have to make threats you can’t carry out in the process.

Basically, Louie is a nutcase racist who blames white people for everything. He is also a mentor for Obama.

OK Louie, let’s do this dance.

You sir are nothing more than a terrorist who uses violence or the threat of violence to get what you want. You also advocate for OTHERS to go out and die for the cause while you remain safe. Ever notice that the terrorist leaders never blow themselves up for the cause? No, they only send others out to die for the cause.

Louie is no different from Osama bin Laden in this regard. Let the others die for the cause while you hide someplace.

Louie is nowhere to be found when blacks murder other blacks (the overwhelming reason blacks are murdered) but in the infrequent occurrences of a white cop killing a black person Louie is there to stir up racial strife and to tell others how they need to die for the cause.

Farrakhan is also challenged when it comes to math. You see, the black population is a small percentage of the entire population and whites outnumber blacks by huge numbers. If people are foolish enough to follow Louie and start some kind of race war there will be a lot of dead people and it will almost certainly, just because of math, mean that the population of blacks will be eliminated or severely reduced.

I am not in favor of any such thing and my personal belief is I don’t care what color a person is. I don’t look at black Americans or White Americans or any other hyphenated Americans. I look at Americans. Treat me right and I will do the same no matter what you look like.

Attack me or my family and I will end you.

I think a lot of people feel this way. It would be a mistake for people to follow Louie’s words (you can’t follow Louie because that coward will be hiding someplace condemning the white people who are fighting back).

I think people do not have to agree with the Grand Jury decision and they certainly have a right to protest PEACEFULLY. The folks burning down buildings, shooting at others and damaging property are not peaceful protesters and they are NOT justified.

They do not have a protected right to do what they are doing and if they follow Louie they will end up joining Michael Brown.

As an aside, does anyone expect Farrakhan to be peaceful? He is the leader of the Nation of ISLAM. It is not the religion of peace and Louie has made that clear.

Be careful Louie. Be very careful what you ask for because you might not like the result.

The Daily Caller [includes video]

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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  1. Barbara says:

    You are 100 percent correct.