Family Upset That Thug Relative Was Shot

A young thug went into a store to rob it at gunpoint. A law abiding citizen with a Concealed Carry Permit pulled his firearm and told the thug to put his gun down. The thug turned toward the law abiding citizen and before he was able to raise his weapon the thug was shot.

The Good Samaritan was able to put down a criminal and keep innocent folks from possibly being injured or killed.

Anyone find anything wrong with this?

Well the thug’s family did. Thug momma said the person who shot her thug son should have minded his own business. You see, this thug using a firearm to commit a crime is no one’s business and that fellow who shot the thug was wrong in this.

Notice momma thug never says her boy was wrong for committing an armed robbery. Notice she does not discuss how her son involved himself in the business of the people who just wanted to conduct their transactions without fearing for their lives.

No, the way she sees it her little thug son should have been left alone to rob that store like his momma raised him to do.

The thug boy will live and when he is released from the hospital he will have new charges added to his already colorful rap sheet.

The only problem I see is that the law abiding citizen fired five shots and the thug is still alive. I am not saying he should have been killed or that I wish him dead. What I am saying is that the guy might need some more range time to ensure he hits his target when he shoots. I can’t imagine he hit the thug five times and he still lived so he must have missed a few times.

Regardless, he is a hero (though he probably does not think so). I don’t care what momma thug says, this guy did the right thing.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Family Upset That Thug Relative Was Shot”

  1. GMF says:

    It is a very sad commentary about our society when the Perpetrator [or in this case his family] can make a claim that HE/SHE is the victim. Why is this even in the news anyway, there was a day when this would have been either laughed off or ignored.

    One thing to the little creeps family…
    Mess with the Bull and you’ll get the Horns. Your little bastard got exactly what he deserved.