Falling Fast

Well, to paraphrase the Who, We’ve been screwed again, this time by the Waxman- Markey Bill, or what they euphemistically call “Cap and Trade”, which, in the interests of honesty, should be called “Cap and Tax.” And also in the interests of full disclosure, Nan Pelosi has a huge stake financially in stocks related to this bill. Think she’ll make some money? I suspect she will vote yes.

What about Ed Markey, who also has a bunch of green stocks riding on the passage of this bill- ooh- let’s not forget the wooden indian, Al Gore, who says he makes nothing off off this, but has so much in stock options that he could become the first Hypocritical GREEN billionaire ( I am sure there are many regular hypocritical billionaires).

The biggest problem is that this is just one of the mistakes, miscues, faux pas, SNAFUs, whatever you want to call it, that Hussein and hiz posse are cramming down our throats- all without actually READING the bills they are voting for. It really does not get more stupid than that. Truly. You could shoot all of these people in the head and not hit a thing that would impact their lives in a negative fashion.

TARP, Stimulus 1, Stimulus 2, bailout of AIG,bailout of Chrysler #1, bailout of Chrysler #2, bailout of GM #1, and bailout of GM#2, ” continuing budget” of 600 billion- how ignorant do they expect us to be here? This is our money- OUR MONEY! These people work for us, and yet they vote themselves a raise in this economy? And then ask for an 8% increase in budget expenses?


General George S. Patton Jr. once said, “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politician.” I concur, although I reserve a special place in hell for those Republicans who have abandoned their supposed ideals and voted with these liberals.

Now comes Socialized Healthcare, and if you believe even one thing Hussein tells you, you are brain- dead, plain and simple- the truth is 1)- We do not have the money. 2)- private industry ALWAYS does it better (and on their dime, not yours), and 3)- the money that has already been allocated for the other programs has either NOT been spent, or not been spent wisely. Where are any assurances that this (even IF we could afford it) would not follow the same wasteful path the rest of this money has gone?

There are none, indeed, they are talking about Stimulus 3- as if they can pull more money out of their a$$- excuse me, OUR A$$es. There is no more money, and I, as a taxpayer, refuse to authorize any more money to be spent.

What this is about now isn’t really even money anymore, it’s about control. Control of the way you live, the temperature of your home, the mileage of your car, the “education” (what should rightly be called the indoctrination) of your children, the way you live your life, what you eat, what you smoke or drink, the health of your healthcare, and so on. If there is a part of your life that they can tax, and control, they WILL do this, because “Progressive Liberals” believe that they know better than you what is right and proper for you and your families. Why? Because they are arrogant, and believe that they are smarter than you.

The best way for us to show them that they are wrong is to vote them all out- on their butts. Our Founding Fathers did not intend for “politician” to be a career choice, but instead, a service to one’s country, brief, but honorable, and then back to the real world. Now, however, we have politicians who have never held a real job, one where they have to sweat, and ache, and actually budget their money, and make the hard decisions that everyday citizens have to.

Instead, we have a “privileged class, one that rides around in free cars, eat free meals, go jetting off to far- away countries, not always on government business, but just because they can. Can you? These people work for about a half a year, and then “go home to their constituents”, or not, as the case may be. In many cases, these political snobs do not care to mingle with the masses they seemingly despise, so they have “compounds” in which they sequester themselves in luxury, while the rest of us pay for it.

We are slowly but surely enabling a class of “rulers” who have inordinate power over us. The Constitution is supposed to protect us, but then this is assuming that the people we elected will obey the Constitution, and from what I have seen so far, this administration’s sole intent is to get around the restraints of the Constitution by legislatively passing deceitful laws designed to avoid the Constitutional Crisis of confrontation.

This administration is all about controlling you, and controlling your life and your money. It’s time to begin to take back control.

Attend a Tea Party this July 4- talk to others, and listen to other’s points of view- learn about the Constitution- the administration is counting on you to stay ignorant, and complacent. If you spend all your time in front of your flat screen TV, when you wake up, like Rip Van Winkle, you might find that things have changed.

Remember, sometimes CHANGE is for the worse.

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9 Responses to “Falling Fast”

  1. izzatso says:

    Just got back from our local, scheduled Tea Party on the 27th. It was a smaller turnout than the first one on April 15. There was some expression of outrage over yesterday’s debacle on Cap and Trade. But, mostly polite applause and puzzled looks as to ” why are we here?” But among the faithful, there is a beginning realization that it will take more
    work and organization and getting one’s hands dirty.Seemingly, there are many organizations getting off the ground floor, but without direction, kinda’ stymied by confusion and purpose. I think that these groups will form the basis for a third party someday. But, I don’t know if it will occur in time to benefit us in coming elections short term. But, one thing I believe is that we had best do something and damn soon…for the Window is closing, folks, on our rapidly diminishing land and prosperity and freedom.

    • Blake says:

      Some people are going to have to step forward and take the reins- that is what leadership is about, and you are right- the window is closing fast on our Constitutional rights, and those of our children.

  2. Darrel says:

    “polite applause and puzzled looks as to ” why are we here?”


    You’re there to protest having your taxes decreased. Makes sense.

    Third party? Oh please do. Palin can accomplish for you what Nader does for the Demos.


    • Blake says:

      Taxes DECREASED? Darrel, you are such a liar- how can you say that with a straight face? Oh that’s right- you are a liar.

      • Savonarola says:

        This will be fun. I can’t wait ’til Darrel checks in.

      • Darrel says:

        That Obama’s tax plan lowers income taxes on about 95% of the populace, and everyone making a taxable income below $200,000 is too well known to even bother to refute. As usual, Blake’s distortion doesn’t even rise to the level of interesting.

        It is interesting to note that Obama’s tax rate plan, on the super rich, is lower than it was under Saint Reagan. So all of this mock outrage is rather silly.

        Now the question arises, what are the taxable incomes of the tea-baggers that show up for these ridiculous hand wringing parties? I don’t know of stats on that, and don’t really care. Safe to say it is pretty darn low. Nothing more pathetic than a bunch of poor ditto heads gathering together to complain about their taxes being lowered.

        Hence the dawning, upon some of them, the question “why are we here.”

        I laughed so hard I almost couldn’t breathe for a moment.

        Blake likes to toss the word liar around. As if it means anything aside from any evidence for such a claim. Let me make him an offer.

        If Blake ever shows, demonstrates, proves, that I have lied in this forum, I’ll give him $1,000. This is a valid offer made in a public forum.

        And by lie I don’t mean make an error, or a joke, or use hyperbole. I mean intentionally deceive by posting something that I know is factually wrong, a falsehood.

        I can say this knowing my money is safe. I don’t lie. It’s just not the way I roll. I have no interest in that kind of behavior.

        So if Blake would like to collect $1,000 from me and get a little closer to that tiny tax bracket that Obama raised (just a hair), then all he has to do is prove that I have lied, in the strict sense of the word, on this forum.

        I await his efforts.


        • Blake says:

          First, Barry lied about the tax brackets, and hiding the taxes is a form of lying- he is taxing people- second, I do not need your money, Darrel- use it to find the truth for you and your sad bunch of delusional people at your little site.

        • Blake says:

          It is interesting that you don’t recognize a tax as a tax- why could you recognize a lie as a lie? Obviously you do not- you are but a small man playing his “baffle them with BS” game- keep it up- your sycophants might think you are all that, but not I, nor any other thinking person.

        • Blake says:

          The last refuge of the liar is to claim that the “facts are well known”, so by that statement alone I know that I would never collect the $1,000 Darrel “says” he would bestow on me- He can just pay himself, as he has unmasked himself so nakedly.
          And you would just deny that you knew what you said was false- indeed you might be delusional enough to actually believe it- you have my sympathy.