President Bush’s Mugshot in NYC Library

A NYC Public Library has mugshots on display as part of its “art” exhibits. These mugshots are phony pictures of President Bush and members (past and present) of his administration. The doctored photos are the work of two “artists” who obviously have a political axe to grind. I have no problem with people making this kind of stuff but I am a bit disturbed that it is on display in a taxpayer funded building.

I wonder if this library would put up pictures of Bill and Hillary Clinton in unfavorable displays, especially ones doctored by “artists”. I also wonder if an artist created a picture of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments or of Jesus in a manger would they be displayed and if they were would the ACLU demand they be removed?

This kind of “art” does not belong in a public library, it belongs in an art gallery. There appear to be no signs to indicate that they are fake, though most thinking people would have to know they are. However, there are children who use the library and these displays create a false image of our political leaders.

Libraries don’t like the idea that the feds can access computer logs to see what users have been doing and one library interfered when a credible threat was revealed but they don’t mind taking taxpayer money to stay open. Seems to me they could be a little more selective in what they display.

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One Response to “President Bush’s Mugshot in NYC Library”

  1. Raymond Deneen says:

    Where’s BUSH0WITZ’S MugShot?