Failed Filibuster

The filibuster attempt by the Senate Democrats failed miserably today and Judge Alito will have a confirmation vote tomorrow. The Democrats, always willing to rewrite history, were all lined up talking about how they were proud to vote for the filibuster because they did not have enough time to review the records and transcripts. They conveniently forgot to tell everyone that they had an extra week at the beginning because they delayed the hearings and an extra week at the end because they, again, delayed the process.

The moonbats showed how pathetic they are. Botox Boxer was up telling us how proud she was to be able to vote no twice. She then went on a tirade with a litany of half truths about Alito’s record. While telling us that she wanted a person who would uphold the Constitution found something in the document that has never, ever been found before. She said that the judge needed to be mainstream and reflect the views of the judiciary. Never mind that Alito meets this criteria, where did she find it? The Constitution says the President nominates and the Senate advises and consents. No other criteria about being mainstream or being of the same judicial philosophy of the judge being replaced.

The people we elect to Congress seem to have forgotten that they are supposed to execute the will of the people. A recent Rasmussen poll shows that in California 51% support the confirmation and 35% oppose it. She and Feinstein should be voting yes according to the will of the people they are supposed to represent yet they vote no against the people’s wishes. For all their talk about representing and caring about the people, they sure do not show it.

This is another nail in the coffin of the Democratic party. I doubt they will pick up any seats this election and might actually lose a few.

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One Response to “Failed Filibuster”

  1. 72-25…

    At WaPo, there are many videos covering the Alito nomination, hearings, but I could not find the one about Kennedy. Gee, I wonder why?…