FAA Averts Aircraft Terror Cells

I am a frequent traveler and have the “pleasure of flying” all over the country. It is not the most pleasant experience in the world with the strip searches and intrusions. While I agree that security is necessary one would think a retired soldier with a military ID card would not be put through the ringer while people who fit the profile of a terrorist waltz through the check point. Those things are certainly bad enough but I can tolerate them because once I am in, the guy who waltzed in will meet Allah real quick like if he tries anything stupid. What irritates me is having to deal with people. People are ignorant. They bring over sized luggage into the cabin, they yammer on cell phones when they should be taking a seat and they invariably take up more room than they paid for. I am eternally grateful every time the flight attendant says that all cell phones must be turned off because I will not have to listen to 50 conversations being held by people who talk as if they are using two tin cans and a string. I was really not thrilled with the idea that the FAA was considering allowing in-flight cell phone use. Well, my worries are over:

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Federal Communications Commission has officially grounded the idea of allowing airline passengers to use cellular telephones while in flight.

Existing rules require cellular phones to be turned off once an aircraft leaves the ground in order to avoid interfering with cellular network systems on the ground. The agency began examining the issue in December 2004.

Federal Aviation Administration regulations also restrict the use of cellular phones and other portable electronic devices onboard aircraft to ensure against interference with the aircraft’s navigation and communication systems.

In an order released Tuesday, the FCC noted that there was “insufficient technical information” available on whether airborne cell phone calls would jam networks on the ground. Breitbart

This is a true blessing. People are ignorant enough when using cell phones. The way they act one would think that the world will end if they do not have the damned thing shoved in their ear. I have had to tolerate people chatting in the aisle while boarding and holding up the whole process. Of course, there is one lady who will never be my friend. The Dog explained, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she needed to do so we could get airborne. I have heard more business conversations and learned more about projects than I care to. I also remember being in line waiting to go through the security checkpoint while some jackass yammered on his phone. He was using phrases like “I didn’t think he was going to make it” and “He pulled through in the end.” At first I shrugged it off figuring that someone dear to him must have had a bad ordeal. Then he says to the person on the other end that it was the best NASCAR race he had ever seen. After being delayed by this idiot I wanted to smack him back into reality.

Thank God they decided that cell phones were not allowed. You want to talk about air rage? I imagine there are a lot of people like me who would not like being forced to listen to inane people discuss worthless topics while acting like the world is marching to their tune. These are the same idiots who, as soon as the wheels touch ground, are turning their phones back on and checking messages and making calls as if the world stopped spinning while they were in the air.

I have a cell phone but I realize that it is a convenience and the world will not end if I don’t check a voice mail or make a call the minute a plane touches down.

Three cheers to the FAA. They might have this whole security thing out of kilter but they got the cell phone part right. If they had locked me in a plane with people yammering on cells they might have had to lock me in a cell when we landed. That is one terror scenario that I am glad I will not have to deal with.

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “FAA Averts Aircraft Terror Cells”

  1. Raven says:

    So long as they don’t ban MP3 players I will be happy. LOL

    Cell phone users do act as though the world will STOP if they shut it off.
    For crying out louds. I think society has become addicted to these stupid, unnecessary and expenisve toys. I DO live without mine, and live quite well.


  2. I hate being forced to listen to others’ cell phone conversations.

    However, the use of cell phones did help those on Flight 93 to take the necessary steps to avert another atrocity on the ground on 9/11.

  3. Big Dog says:

    They certainly have a place and I don’t think anyone would complain on Flt 93. And should I be in that situation I will not complain and will likely be the only one with a battery and minutes left….