Expert Warns of “Inevitable” WMD Attack

WND posted a story on November 29th entitled Expert: Massive WMD attack ‘inevitable’. This article quotes Yossef Bodansky, former director of the U.S. Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare. He states that a WMD attack, probably with a nuclear device, is inevitable. He stated that al-Qaida has put the pieces in place and will certainly attack the U.S. The contention is that the attack of 9/11 was a message to terrorists world wide that the U.S. could be penetrated and they are now planning an attack of a larger scale. It is felt that the terrorists have to trump the devastation of 9/11.

This is not hard to believe. The United States is a big, open country. People can walk in and out with relative ease. Nuclear material is available to those who are willing to pay for it on the black market. Considering the amount of money put in the terrorists pockets by the UN in the oil-for-food scam it is not hard to imagine they have the means to pay. The terrorists would love nothing more than to detonate a nuclear device in America. The over riding theme in the story is that bin Laden and other Islamic radicals argued about the propriety of attacking citizens. The claim is that this has changed because America reelected George Bush so we have shown that we deserve to be attacked.

I believe that if this is based on credible evidence we should put the world on notice that we will retaliate with nuclear force if a WMD, especially a nuclear device, is detonated in our country. We should make it known that we will attack all of the terrorist nations and obliterate them if this is carried out. We should then prepare to do just that. If a device explodes in America we should remove our troops and other citizens from the region and then carpet bomb them with nuclear weapons. We should remove them from the face of the Earth. This will give many other bad people in the world a chance to think about the consequences of attacking us. When we put them on notice they will have a chance to bring the terrorists to justice on their own. If the terrorists succeed in attacking us then we go forward with our retaliatory strikes.

I know there are people who do not agree with this. It does seem rather cruel to wipe out a society or two. But folks, we are talking about people who have no regard for life. They will come here and kill our children because they do not like our choice for president. I say screw them. I say this is our country and we will elect who we want and if the terrorists do not like that then it means we made the right choice. Hell, half of America did not like who we elected and even though they are talking a good game I doubt any of them plan to detonate a WMD and kill innocent people. We need to make our intentions clear and then carry them out if we are attacked. This is about survival and we need to look out for our society before we worry about theirs.

After reading this I am convinced more than ever we elected the right person. If the terrorists do not like him in there we must be doing something right.

I can not link to the article because I only have an email of it and do not have the URL. I am sure you can search WND and find it.

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