Evolution, Denied

The Liberal Left just love to trot out old Charles Darwin, at every chance they get, mistakenly believing that his theories on the Evolution of the various species, indeed of man himself, abrogate the belief and even existence of God. The Left love a secular world. They could not be more wrong, but God gives everyone the free will to accept or deny his existence, so if that is what Liberals choose to do, that’s fine with me.

What I can’t understand however, is the way they, like Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane, deny the theories of Darwin, as they relate to businesses and economics. Libs, the rooster is crowing. (For all who didn’t get the reference, read a Bible).

Businesses, corporations, and monetary entities have a life of their own, and when healthy, they grow, they expand, and they can and will gobble up the weak among them. All quite similar to the natural world. Companies grow and evolve, often changing into something different than their original shape, business- wise.This is evolution in a corporate environment, and it’s a healthy thing when business grows- more jobs, more money, more opportunities to advance in a corporate sense- all well and good.

What liberals fail to understand, or accept, ( and here’s the blatant hypocrisy), is that when corporations fail to adapt to changing conditions in the business environment, they begin to fail, to die, as it were. This too, is a part of the natural world of business. The corporation fails, and other corporations swoop in and strip the corpse of all assets that might be valuable, thus making themselves stronger. This is how the business world operates when it is left on its own. Like the dinosaurs, nothing in the business world is too big to fail. Everything has its time, and then fades away.

When, however, you artificially prop up a corporation, and keep it limping along past its lifetime, you do no one any favors, indeed you tend to favor the ill corporation to the exclusion of everything else, and the systemic illness begins to spread to other businesses, because they have been denied and ignored in favor of the sick corporation, so their business has suffered also.

Pretty soon this malaise spreads to the ancillary businesses that served parts of the corporation, and, much as the Swine Flu has begun spreading among the population, so do the effects ripple among the smaller businesses, when the smaller businesses could have been freed up to find another corporation to service if the “too big to fail” corporation had been allowed TO FAIL.

So we come to the very root of the hypocrisy the Liberal Left, of as they like to call themselves, “progressives” ( a term they had to reach back in the past for- a “retro” re-branding). Here, on the one hand, these people worship at the statue of  Darwin, saying that we have been descended from monkeys, and there is no God, just random atoms colliding helter- skelter. If someone brings up any weaknesses in Darwin’s THEORIES, these people are ridiculed as weak- minded, ignorant, superstitious country bumpkins. After all, EVERYONE who is wise just knows that religion is SO yesterday.

These same people who grovel at the feet of  Darwin blatantly ignore the same rules, or theories when they apply to businesses and corporations, and that is inconsistent, much as saying that gravity is a law, but rubber balls are exempt from following this law.  The strongest part of Darwin’s theories on natural selection is the part about survival of the fittest, so why would anyone ignore this part of his theories?

Survival of the fittest- come on, let’s hear all you liberals say this- shout it from the rooftops. What? No? You don’t want to believe this, because you might be scared you are not fit? Maybe not- after all, you are the ones who want to coddle everyone and everything. The unfortunate by- product of all of this coddling, is that now you have immature people, or, in this case, corporations, entities that cannot take care of themselves as they should.

The eagle, the symbol of our country, has a way of raising his young that ensure the survival of the species. As the chicks fledge out their feathers, and begin to sit on the edge of the nest, flapping their wings, and building up their strength, the parents begin to take away the nest. One by one, the sticks that made up the nest begin to disappear, until these chicks are left with no option but to fly or fall. The parents will follow their children on their first flight, but they ensure that their children WILL make their first flight, thus launching their own life. If, for some reason, the chick could not fly, it would have crashed and died, and while the parent might have felt grief, the world goes on.

And so the world must go on, but not with crippled corporations. I drive a chevrolet, but if GMC fails, then that is the fault of the brains of that company, including the unions and anyone who had a part in deciding the direction that company was going in. The same thing applies to Banks and other institutions.

If you wanted to skew business evolution, to give some companies corporate steroids, you would all take your money out of banks that had taken the TARP funds, and put your money in those banks that didn’t take the government bribes. This would reduce the government’s grip on financial institutions, and cause these smaller banks to grow- but that would be good, for these banks didn’t make the bad decisions that led to government control.

Perhaps it’s time we gave the liberal left a lesson on evolution, and survival of the fittest.

This plan will work, and it will give the good banks a good boost. If the Left can mess with evolution, so can we.

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Evolution, Denied”

  1. Kris says:

    Interesting take on natural selection. I like the way you bridge the two ideas and make them one unified thought.
    It’s very thought provoking, but only among us country bumkins.

    • Blake says:

      yea, but it’s only us bumpkins that see natural selection up close and personal- the rest of the country thinks natural selection is just a term for the menu at a restaurant, so its up to us to make the connection. If they could do it, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  2. Schatzee says:

    I agree – great way to explain and correlate natural selection to businesses in the open market. Totally enjoyed it!

  3. Melinda says:

    Great post.