Evil and Inhuman People Do This Kind Of Stuff

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This past week the Pope repeated a quote by someone from long ago in which the person said that what Mohammad brought was evil and inhuman. This was part of a speech where the Pope was saying that people can not be converted to another religion forcefully. He said that it was wrong to do so and that God would not like that.

So what happens when a group of people who claim to be peaceful hear this remark? They go out and prove to the world that they are, evil and inhuman. They have been rioting, again. They have been calling for someone’s head, again and they are displaying themselves as the idiots that the rest of the world knows them to be.

I can understand that people are passionate about their religion but when you riot every time someone farts in a Mosque, you have a problem. Cartoons of Mohammad, riot and kill. Pope quotes someone else about the evil and inhuman ideas of Mohammad, riot and kill (or threaten to). The Muslims spend so much time being “offended” and rioting that they never seem to get much else accomplished. Hell, the world is all upset with Israel for making rubble out of Lebanon but every other day the Muslims are tearing things apart in these riots of the feeble minded.

It is amazing to me that the Muslims can get so upset whenever someone insults their religion of so called peace but they freely mock and condemn other religions. They threaten forced conversion or death which mocks and threatens all religions. There are two news men who were forced to convert and no one rioted about that. Muslims do not accept the Jews though they have been around longer and are God’s chosen people. I guess the Muslims are jealous but whatever the reason, they certainly are not tolerant of the Jewish religion. Maybe the Jews should just protest across the Muslim world and tear it up that way.

Muslim idiots

I am sick and tired of hearing about a bunch of Islamic jackasses who were offended by some petty thing. I am tired of seeing these rabid lunatics on TV and on the web tearing things apart in a medieval temper tantrum. Someone should have a few classes and tell these backwards dip sticks that we are no longer living in the time of Ali Baba and that we do not go around tearing things up and cutting off heads when we are upset.

I think we are at a point where we need to show lots of cartoons of Mohammad the child molester and have the Pope’s words played over and over. We can then just sit back and watch these idiots kill each other off. Maybe if we incite a big enough riot these sand fleas will commit mass murder while rioting and we can be rid of them. If not, at least it will get a lot of them in one place and then maybe Israel can get a few missiles off….

Guardian (photo from the Guardian article and Drudge)

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2 Responses to “Evil and Inhuman People Do This Kind Of Stuff”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Ditto. If they’re not careful, I just may have to call a jihad on these fools arses. ;)

  2. Right Truth says:

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