Everyone Needs To Call Their Elected Officials!

Every time some issue regarding religion is challenged in court by the ACLU taxpayer dollars are at risk. If the ACLU wins they are paid with US taxpayer money. This neat little scheme allows the ACLU to shop around for cases to bring to court and for judges sympathetic to their cause. When they win they get millions of dollars.

While most Americans remain unaware of it, the ACLU has been reaping millions of dollars in taxpayer-paid profits in lawsuits against veterans memorials, the Boy Scouts, or against the public display of the Ten Commandments or other symbol of our American heritage with a religious aspect.

For but three examples, the ACLU received some $950,000 in attorney fees in a settlement with the City of San Diego in the ACLU’s lawsuit to drive the Boy Scouts out of Balboa Park. In the famous Judge Roy Moore Ten Commandments Case, the ACLU, and cohort so-called “public interest” law firms, received $500,000. In the recent “Intelligent Design” case against the Dover school board, the ACLU received $2,000,000 in attorneys by order of a judge — although the law firm which represented the ACLU informed the court and public that it had acted pro bono and waived any attorney fees. Thus, it was pure profit to the ACLU.

Further, the ACLU has used the threat of imposition of taxpayer-paid attorney fees to extort local elected bodies, city or county councils, school boards, into surrender to the ACLU’s demands to secularly cleanse the public sphere of any evidence of our American religious heritage.

Moreover, the threat of imposition of orders to pay ACLU’s attorney fees in such cases has caused third parties, like The American Legion and other non-profit organizations, to suffer a chilling effect on their First Amendment rights to participate in such lawsuits to protect veterans’ memorials.

S. 3696 (PERA), and H.R. 2679 (PERA), would put an end to that abuse of benevolently intended laws by the ACLU, or anyone else following the ACLU’s precedents, for instance, Islamist terrorists or their sympathizers in our midst.

This reform of the law should be supported by all Americans across all party, ideological, philosophical, or religious lines.

Simply put, the ACLU’s profiteering at taxpayer-expense by exploitation of benevolently intended civil rights laws intended to benefit poor people is a disgrace. Stop The ACLU

This all occurs because the Congress tried to do something good and did not think about the consequences. Now, we have these blood suckers called the ACLU taking advantage of the law to become rich. Think about this, how many of you have ever needed a lawyer? If you won your case did the judge pay your lawyers with taxpayer money? Of course not! You were required to pay your lawyer. Why then, should taxpayer money go to pay the ACLU?

I urge everyone to call your Senators and Representative and tell them that you expect them to support the “Public Expression of Religion Act.”

Please read the lengthy post at Stop the ACLU and then contact those your members of Congress and tell them that you want them to support this.

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