Even When Not At His Best, Bush Shows Strength

The first debate has sparked a number of posts throughout the blogosphere. As expected, the winner depends upon who you ask. Supporters of each candidate say their man won. I posted earlier that I thought the debate was a draw. It would appear that this was the popular thought. I, like many, feel Kerry won style but Bush won substance. Bush appeared to be going strong in the beginning and about half way through the momentum changed in Kerry’s favor.
I am of the opinion that the true winner will be decided in a few days after the debates have been analyzed to death. I also feel that after Kerry’s words are untwisted, he will look bad and it might well be determined that he in fact lost.
In all of this debate one thing remains very clear. George Bush is a genuine person and last night he reinforced the idea that with him, what you see is what you get. He did not have to put on airs or try to appeal to this group or that. He did not try to explain his position in a way that appeases everyone. He put his cards on the table and let everyone know that he does not change positions to reflect polls and that whether you agree with him or not, you know what his thoughts are. I can’t imagine anyone, regardless of personal feelings, who would disagree that George Bush is resolute and that he says what he means.
The problem is, the left has been so use to playing both sides of every issue they do not know how to handle the genuine article. I know from listening to him that he was pained over sending our military to war and that he grieves over the loss of life. I know that he is firmly committed to the security and safety of our country and that he will not rest until we are free from the threat of terror. I also know that I would follow him through the gates of hell and would have his back every step of the way because I know that he would not lead me there for any politically motivated reason.
The men and women of the armed forces took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We know full well that our solemn duty might mean we have to die. But we also know that many other brave people have died for the freedoms we enjoy. We are aware that the historical records of this country contain the names of men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. Though their jobs are dangerous, they willingly commit to place themselves in harm’s way so that their loved ones and people they will never know can sleep peacefully at night. The military is a reflection of the people who lead them. The fact that ours is strong, confident, and unwavering, even on bad days, is a reflection of the Commander in Chief, George W. Bush a man who knows that we MUST win this war because losing is not an option. Patton said it best, “Americans love a winner. Americans will not tolerate a loser.” Unfortunately, John “it depends on the outcome” Kerry does not understand this. He could learn a lot from the Patton speech.
George Bush might not have been at his best last night but there is no doubt he was strong, confident, and equally unwavering. This my friends, is the man who we need to keep in charge of our armed forces. I know that they, like me, would follow this man in to the gates of hell. And just like in Iraq they would drag the devil out of a hole and bring him back in chains.

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