Even the Flags Hate Hillary

Talk about a tough span, Hillary has gone through it in the last few weeks. There were her evasive debate answers, planted questions and the broken promise not to do it again with more planted questions. Hillary was on the news and said neither she nor her campaign condone such a thing and yet, it was her campaign that did it. Go figure…

Hillary was at an event yesterday and when she had finished she was turning to leave and an aide pulled open a curtain and all the Flags came crashing down. Hillary and staff tried to catch them before they hit the floor but there is no indication as to how successful they were. The link to the video is gone so I assume someone felt it was not newsworthy and took it down. [UPDATE: Breitbart has the video.] Looks like they handled it OK, considering.

Could this be an indication that veterans of yesteryear oppose Hillary and do not want her as President? Could this be a sign of disrespect from the Flags for all the disrespect she has shown to the military? Perhaps the Karma of her hippie days is coming back to haunt her. Regardless, I can see Hillary at her next speech:

You know, the Flags fell at my feet yesterday. Though they should fall at my feet because they hail me as the next leader of this country and they bow down to my greatness, I know that the real reason they fell is because the Bush administration is not providing support to our Flags. These Flags fell because their President failed to provide the support they need in tough times. He failed to give them a good base from which to wave.

As President, I will tax the rich to ensure Flag bases are weighted properly and I will make sure that no Flag ever has to fall again, except when bowing to my greatness. Within 100 days of taking office I will introduce legislation that is designed to ensure no Flag is ever left with a light base or is left behind a curtain to be knocked off a light base. I will call it the No Flag Left Behind Act (NFLB) and I will fund it from sales of US Flags from the Capitol and by taxing the rich and placing a tax on all the Flag lapel pins and buttons. You think people like Obama won’t wear Flags pins now? Just wait until I tax the damned things, then you will see pin less lapels, my friends. We can’t have people wearing Flags when they might fall over and have a Flag bowing when I am not around!

I remember when I was a little girl my daddy told me we were descendants of Betsy Ross and that my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great Aunt Betsy sewed that Flag in hopes that one day a woman from the family would become President and have Flags bow down to her greatness. It is up to me to be that woman and it is up to you to vote for me because a vote for me is a vote for the Flag [screeched in that nails-on-chalkboard voice].

Yep, it sure has been a tough few weeks for the Hildabeast. And what fun it has been…

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4 Responses to “Even the Flags Hate Hillary”

  1. Hillary is sure getting some bad press lately. **snicker**

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  3. irtexas44 says:


    I think it was the fire she shoots out of her eyes that melted the poles when she turned around. I saw the guy behind the curtain.

    Her numbers can’t go low enough for me. How many times can someone claim “I didn’t know”, “I wasn’t aware”, “No one told me anything”, “We are investigating”. Sorry one time is way to many times for me. It is not believable that she didn’t know anything. She knows everything.

    Now Bubba comes out and says her health care plan was his not hers. So is he taking credit or blame? The very thought of them back in our house again gives me chills up and down my spine. She had her staff trash it the first time before she left, what will she do next? Burn it?

    I still have to insist that living in the same zip code does not make someone expierenced to qualify for president. First and formost one that has ye t to answer a question. The excuse that she has to be there first before she can make a decision? I really don’t think so. If someone can’t answer a simple question with out taking offence and running to Bubba. That does not a president make.