Ethiopia Demonstrates How to Defeat Islam

The war on terror in Iraq is more than a war on terror. It is also a war of ideologies pitting the values of the West against the evil of Islam. The United States has the greatest military in the world and can defeat anyone. The problem is, despite contradictions from the left, our country does not go out and arbitrarily kill people. We go to great pains to eliminate or minimize collateral damage. The Islamic fighters, on the other hand, kill indiscriminately in their quest to make the world one big happy Islamic family.

The Islamic religion of peace recently took over the country of Somalia and imposed its Draconian laws on the inhabitants of that hell hole. Somalia was no great place before the Islamic devils moved in and was ruled by warlords and relative anarchy, but it was free of the Islamic vermin that chokes off all things that are not Islam. I am no fan of Somalia and feel that we should have leveled the place after the Blackhawk down incident but the cowardice of Clinton prevented that from happening and so were infiltrated by the followers of Islam. These “peaceful” folks imposed their brand of life and threatened to kill people who broke their twisted laws. Last week the Islamic folks in Somalia declared that the country was open to any other terror mongers of Islam who wanted to come in and “wage a holy war against Christian-led Ethiopia.” That was a mistake.

Ethiopia did not take too kindly to that declaration and decided that it was time to do something about the people who they have been weary about since they began infiltrating Somalia.

In the past few days, Ethiopian-backed forces, with tacit approval from the United States, have unleashed tanks, helicopter gunships and jet fighters on the Islamists, decimating their military and paving the way for the internationally recognized transitional government of Somalia to assert control.

The report indicates that the Islamists have disappeared and there is speculation they have gone underground to start an insurgency. I wonder if our left will agree with the position of Ethiopia. The left has sided with the terrorists in Iraq saying we did not belong so Ethiopia should get a great deal of support for killing the Islamic invaders. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that one; Ethiopia is Christian so they have to be opposed by any decent leftist. I doubt the author meant decimated since that indicates reduced by one tenth. It is probably more accurate to say that they had obliterated the Islamists who were seen running away form the fight like cockroaches suddenly caught in a lighted room. Many of the young Islamic fighters were no match for a well trained, well skilled, professional Army:

The once feared Shebab, the devout young Islamic fighters, began deserting in droves. (Shebab is the Arabic word for youth.) “We can’t resist,” said Musa Abdullahi, an 18-year-old Shebab who quit his unit after half his comrades were cut down by Ethiopian helicopter gunships. “We thought this fighting would be like the others. It’s not.”

Herein lies the truth about Islam. They are afraid when they encounter resistance that is not throttled down to avoid collateral damage. They thought the fighting would be like the others but they were wrong because the Ethiopian backed fighters shot everything that looked like a bad guy and made them soil in their towel diapers. We in America can learn a lot about how far Islam is willing to go in order to spread its philosophy of hatred and death across the world. Ethiopia might have problems with these animals in the form of an insurgency but I think Ethiopia will not think twice before attacking them and any place they decide to hide.

The United States of America has a much better equipped and better trained military than Ethiopia and yet Ethiopia made short work of the Islamists. The US would do well to learn from this lesson and go balls to the walls in Iraq. We need to level Sadr City and any other hotspot that has given us trouble. We can pull our forces out and level the place. If civilians die then they die but the bad guys will be obliterated. Perhaps this will give others incentive to start fighting the bad guys themselves instead of standing passively by as they commit acts of terror. The world might not like this but we can thumb our noses at them. The terrorist countries have been getting away with that attitude for years and it is time we adopted a bit of it ourselves.

It is a mistake to assume that we can actually build a democracy in Iraq or any other Muslim country. They are a backwards people who live in centuries past. They have not, nor will they, posses the intelligence to leave their hate and violence filled religion and move into the modern world with the rest of us. But we are there and whether or not the place ends up with a Democracy is a backburner issue. The first thing we need to do is beat the Islamists and we need to do it very convincingly and in a fashion that will make every other Islamic terror monger think twice before screwing with us.

Islam will never be at peace. They have such a convoluted religion that they must use fear and intimidation in order to get people to follow it. Mohammad was a false prophet who brought death and destruction to the world. He founded a religion based on fear and intimidation because that was the only way he could get followers. If here were alive today he would be viewed as another bomb vest wearing fanatical terrorist. Compare that idea with the way Jesus would be viewed if here were on Earth today and you will se why Christianity is superior to Islam and why we will defeat these less than human animals who are a blemish on this planet.

Wake up America and go balls to the walls in the defeat of the Islamic ideology of terror and world dominance.

The New York Times

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9 Responses to “Ethiopia Demonstrates How to Defeat Islam”

  1. Webloggin says:

    NY Times Reports Grassroots Islamist Movement in Somalia…

    The idea that public executions,floggings and amputations ushered in a semblance of order is ludicrous and could only be furthered by someone who is short sighted or highly biased.


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    There are those who state that you cannot talk about the military, the actions taken or about to be taken about the military unless you have served in said military in some fashion and of course we know which side of the line tends to use this argume…..

  3. New York Times: Mission Accomplished…

    And so, the Times writer shows his paper’s true symathies. The Islamists are the “good guys”, pacifying the city. When they are beaten back by the Christian imperialist aggressors the city falls into anarchy….

  4. Excellent post, Big Dog….

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  8. If Israel ever tried this stuff, the anti-semites in Europe would be having a field day bashing the Jews.

  9. Percival Gibberish says:

    Sad sad sad…. Do you know anything about Ethiopia? Have you been there? Do you know that half the popn of Ethiopia is Muslim. Also do you know that Ethiopia has one of the most repressive regimes on the planet that incarcerates 50,000 people in one camp alone in the middle of nowhere. Do you know that there are more than a million Ethiopian Somalis? Do you also know that Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries on the planet that has to rely on foreign aid to feed 70% of its popn every year? Do you know that the US is paying Ethiopia’s despots to do this?

    Which brings us to the main issue: yanks sh*tting their pants about Muslims… you realise that with the trillions of dollars spent in Iraq (yes I say trillions!) the US could have told every Iraqi ” go buy a KFC franchise in Argentina and be nice” and we’d have all gone to sleep nicely without murdering 600,000 people….. and you go to the trouble of starting a forum on how Ethiopia defeated Islam… you’re out of your depth mate.