Establishment Republicans Do Not Keep Their Word

When Donald Trump entered the presidential race there was a lot of worry that if he did not win the nomination he would run third party which would guarantee a Democrat win. This was such a bone of contention the establishment made a big show of asking during the first debate if anyone would not support the winner if it were someone else. Trump indicated he would not depending on how he was treated.

He eventually capitulated and said he would support the nominee if he were not the winner. This made everyone happy.

The establishment Republicans made a big show out of telling everyone how they would support the winner no matter who it was. This was when they all thought Trump had no chance to win and when their only concern was him going third party if he lost. They could not afford to lose the kingdom.

Fast forward and Trump is in the lead. There is a very good chance he will be the nominee and all of the sudden those establishment Republicans who swore they would back the winner are backing out of their promises.

The latest to do so is Mitt Romney. I admit I voted for Romney in 2012. He was not the best Republican we could have put forth but he won and he was a heck of a lot better than Obama. In fact much of what he said would happen (and for that matter much of what Palin said four years earlier) has actually happened. All those smug liberals, including Obama, have said nary a word about the things they were wrong about, the things they ridiculed Romney over and there have been many.

My support of Romney then does not mean I will support what he says now. I have not made up my mind on a candidate but if Trump wins I will vote for him over the Democrat because both of them are Socialist/progressive thugs who will be worse than Obama. They will strike the finishing blow to our once great nation.

Romney, a man who begged Donald Trump for his endorsement in 2012, has blasted Trump and stated he would be bad for the party. Romney said many bad things about a guy who he praised when he wanted an endorsement. Romney is an establishment Republican who will say or do anything in the name of the party and at the expense of the nation.

It is a shame because Romney had a chance to keep his word and back the winner even if that winner happens to be Trump as he stated he would and as he expected from Trump.

You can’t trust the establishment. They are awakening to the reality that Trump might just win and they do not know what to do.

Unfortunately, they will not hold themselves to the same standards they demanded of Trump when they thought he could never win.

If they screw this up they can rest assured there will be a Democrat in the White House and a new party of people who finally figure out that the Republicans have abandoned them will form.

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The American Mirror

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One Response to “Establishment Republicans Do Not Keep Their Word”

  1. Blake says:

    You cannot trust a politician, period. I might have once thought that Reps would have a more solid moral and ethical foundation, but I know better now.
    They can all go to hell- I will do as I wish (but then I DO have a moral base).