Especially With Someone Else’s Money

Moochelle Obama was talking to a group of child reporters and she told them that “splurging is the key to life.” She was talking about splurging or having an occasional snack so long as one eats healthy foods and exercises.

I know Moochelle was talking about food (and she likes to splurge on French fries and chocolate) but splurging is how she spends most of her life. I am not talking about food because I don’t care what she eats as long as she pays for it.

Which is the problem. She splurges on the taxpayer’s money. She takes a vacation about every other week and when she splurges like that it costs us millions of dollars.

So yes, she likes to splurge but she likes to do so when others foot the bill. I doubt she would be so extravagant if she had to foot the bill.

Liberals are like that. No cost is too high so long as someone else pays the bill.

Remember the liberals who had their insurance rate increase thousands of dollars because of Obamacare? Their response was that they knew it would cost money but didn’t think they would have to pay for it.

Liberals are always generous with other people’s money.

They like to splurge as long as you pay.

Look at any grocery store that accepts EBT cards and it is all the clearer.

Moochelle was telling the kids how to eat and live. To paraphrase Pink Floyd:

Hey Moochelle, leave those kids alone.

And leave our money alone as well.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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